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Saturday, April 19, 2014

50 Minutes of Sony's 'H1Z1' Gameplay - DayZ Who?

Sony announced a zombie survival horror game titled H1Z1 last week. Fans of DayZ, or at least fans of the idea of DayZ were quick to show interest. Enough in fact that the team behind H1Z1 livestreamed their project so far on Twitch TV.

If you have an extra hour, and let's be honest, you do, then I highly recommend watching the video below. Maybe this will get the DayZ devs off their asses and back into the office to finish what they started.


PS4 Leads Hardware in March, 'Titanfall' Leads Software (NPD)

The NPD Group has released its March sales report, showing yet another decrease in software (by 28 percent) and another increase in hardware (up 78 percent).

According to NPD analyst Liam Callahan, "Software declines in March 2014 stemmed from poor comparisons to new launches from last March. Collectively, March 2014 launches sold 42 percent less than march 2013 launches." Which really shouldn't be a surprise considering that severe lack of titles released to new consoles thus far.

'Skywind', Fan Made 'TES' Renewal Project to Feature Original Music

While Skywind is currently not available for download, it's certainly available to gawk at on YouTube. The second development video from the 'TES Renewal Project' has been uploaded and it's absolutely gorgeous.

Take a look at the video below.

'Risen 3' CGI Teaser Trailer has Fangs for Days

Risen 3: Titan Lords has a new trailer and it's full of action, suspense, shadows, and of insane murderous canines.

I think this puppy needs a timeout.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Charlie Brooker in Sniper Elite 3

British satirist, journalist, director, screenwriter and broadcaster (bit of a show off really) Charlie Brooker will be starring in the upcoming World War Two 3rd person sniper game.  The comedian visited Rebellion's headquarters in Oxford for a tour and later donned the MoCap suit as well as doing the appropriate voice work.  Rebellion workers have confirmed that you will be able to shoot Brooker.

Charlie Brooker has been a vocal fan of the Sniper series, mentioning it more than a few times in articles he writes for The Guardian.  For those of you unsure who Charlie Brooker is, I suggest that you watch the video below, and then as many as you can after that.  He is one of the best, no doubt.

Highly Realistic Golf Simulation Game, 'The Golf Club', Hits Steam Today in Early Access

HB Studios has released their realistic golf simulator, Golf Club, to Steam Early Access today. With pre-designed courses, simulation style gameplay, and a course simulator that's incredibly in-depth, it's a very welcome addition to the lackluster golf genre we have today.

It's available for $29.99 (discounted for 7 days from $34.99) and is for PC only right now. There is a PS4 and Xbox One version in the works as well, no release date on those yet.

Hitman GO launches today

Hitman GO, the mobile app from Square Enix Montreal, launches today.  I mentioned in a previous post that I am pretty pumped about this.  I like that they have decided to adapt the series for mobile platforms instead of just taking the original Hitman and making it with touch scree controls.  Which would have been pretty terrible indeed.

The levels are all board game inspired and turn based with a cool tilt-shift style look to them.  Also, from the trailer (below) we can see that the staples of the franchise are there.  Sniper rifles, costume changes, whatever you want.  The game is $4.99 and, while I can't recommend it yet since I haven't played it, I am pretty excited.  BRB downloading.  

PlayStation Now-capable Bravia TV's to Hit Store Shelves in June

First revealed at CES 2014, PlayStation Now-capable Sony 4K 'Ultra HD' Bravia televisions will soon be hitting store shelves. For a meager price range of $2,099 (49") to $24,999 (85").

These televisions will be able to stream some PS3 games via Gaikai's streaming service, and are of course played using a DualShock 3. Whether or not the controller or any titles are included is still up in the air at this point.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PS4 Update 1.70 Coming Soon with SHAREfactory

In the next update for the PlayStation 4, users will be able to create and upload videos with the SHAREfactory. This feature will allow users to personalize their videos by adding text, stickers, audio (both included and custom), and commentary with picture-in-picture.

You'll also be able to upload to Facebook, or export to a USB to upload elsewhere straight from the SHAREfactory. System update 1.70 is also going to remove HDCP, enabling the ability to record via HDMI output to your personal game capture device.


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