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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guide: LA Noire Interrogations

Truth, Doubt, or Lie? Not sure which to pick? No problem, we have you covered. Click the jump to find out the answer to every single interrogation.

Trust me, I wouldn't lie to you... would I?

Patrol Desk

Upon Reflection
Interrogation: None

Armed and Dangerous
Interrogation: None

Buyer Beware
Interrogation Answers for Clovis Galletta:
Eyewitness account = LIE. Show the layaway voucher
Possible murder suspect = DOUBT
Shooting details = TRUTH

Interrogation Answers for Edgar Kalou
Argument = LIE. Evidence is suspect's eyewitness account.
Shooting Incident = LIE. Evidence is murder weapon being serviced
Religious motive = DOUBT

Traffic Desk

The Driver's Seat

Interrogation Answers for Nate Wilkey
Purpose at Scene = TRUTH
Relationship to victim = TRUTH
Contents of wallet = DOUBT
Bloodstained pipe = TRUTH

Interrogation Answers for Margaret Black
Slaughterhouse receipt = TRUTH
Alibi = TRUTH
Glasses case = TRUTH
Adrian Black location = TRUTH
Signed photograph = LIE. Evidence is the concealed message
Matchbook = TRUTH
Interrogation Answers for Frank Morgan
Link to abandoned vehicle = LIE. Evidence is receipt for live hog.
Location of Adrian Black = DOUBT
(You can now arrest or let Frank go. Your call)

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Interrogation Answers for Shannon Perry
Eyewitness report = TRUTH
The suspect's vehicle = TRUTH
Argument overheard = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Dudley Lynch
Eyewitness report = DOUBT
Relationship with victim = TRUTH
Argument overheard = DOUBT
Business venture = DOUBT
Interrogation Answers for Lorna Pattison
Hit and run accident = DOUBT
Nature of argument = DOUBT
Partnership with Leroy Sabo = LIE. Evidence is the Insurance Letter.

The Fallen Idol

Note: Make sure to go to the coroner before questioning June Ballard.

Interrogation Answers for June Ballard
Doping allegation = DOUBT
Injured female passenger = LIE. Evidence is the underwear.
Shrunken head = DOUBT
Suspect Mark Bishop = DOUBT
Interrogation Answers for Jessica Hamilton

Crash incident report = LIE. Evidence is the underwear.
Contact with parents = LIE. Evidence is the letter from her mother.
Her relationship with Bishop = DOUBT
Signs of abuse = TRUTH
Interrogation Answers for Gloria Bishop
Domestic Disturbance = DOUBT
Husband's whereabouts = TRUTH
Abuse of Jessica Hamilton = DOUBT
Check for $20,000 = DOUBT
Interrogation Answers for Marlon Hopgood
Association with Bishop = LIE. Evidence is Chloral Hydrate.
Whereabouts of Bishop = TRUTH
Relationship with Ballard) = LIE. Evidence is empty film canister.
Evidence of Blackmail = LIE. Evidence is the $20,000 check.

Homicide Desk

The Red Lipstick Murder
Interrogation Answers for Dick McColl
Suspect Seen with the Victim = TRUTH
Ring Stolen from Victim = DOUBT
Knowledge of Husband = DOUBT

After searching Celine's house, make sure to cross the brick wall over to the neighbors house (blue house). Speak to the lady standing there.

Make sure to search Jacob's house before interrogating him. You need to find a death threat note.

Interrogation Answers for Jacob Henry (first time)
Victim's Movements = LIE. Evidence is husband's alibi.
Last Contact with Victim = TRUTH
Murder Motive = LIE. Evidence is the death threat note.
Interrogation Answers for Jacob Henry (second time)
Access to Murder Weapon = LIE. Evidence is husband's alibi.
Lipstick markings = TRUTH
Deterioration of Marriage = LIE. Evidence are the marital problems.
Missing Jewelry = TRUTH

When you go to Mendez' apartment, pick up the shoes on the floor BEFORE you search the bloody box of murderness. Otherwise it will cut scene to the end and you will miss a piece of evidence.

The Golden Butterfly

Interrogation Answers for Michelle Moller
Last Contact = DOUBT
Missing Watch and Ring = TRUTH
State of Parents Marriage = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Hugo Moller (first time)
Footprints = LIE. Evidence is size 8 work boots.
Alibi for Hugo Moller = LIE. Evidence is husband's alibi.
Missing Persons Report) = DOUBT
History of Violence = LIE. Evidence is Butterfly Brooch.

Interrogation Answers for Eli Rooney
Footprints at Crime Scene = DOUBT
Place of Employment = DOUBT
Access to Braided Rope = TRUTH
Motive for Moller Murder = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Hugo Moller (second time)
Disposal of Evidence = TRUTH
Access to Braided Rope = DOUBT
Access to Tire Iron = LIE. Evidence is Bloody Tire Iron
Victim's Vehicle Recovered = LIE. Evidence is Overalls.

Make sure to charge Eli Rooney with the crime if you want to get the five-star rating.
The Silk Stocking Murder
Interrogation Answers for Barbara Lapenti
Possible Suspects = TRUTH
Movements of Victim = DOUBT
Evidence of Break-In = LIE. Evidence is broken window/iron picket
Breakdown of Marriage = LIE. Evidence is charm bracelet photograph.

Interrogation Answers for Angel Maldonado
Last Contact with Victim = LIE. Evidence is husband's alibi
Jewelry Taken from Body = TRUTH
Divorce Proceedings = LIE. Evidence is attorney's letter/divorce papers
Bloodstained Shirt Found = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Diego Aguilar
Movements of Victim = TRUTH
Missing Jewelry = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Clem Feeney
Distinctive Necklace = DOUBT
Contact with Victim = DOUBT
Movements of Victim = TRUTH

The White Shoe Slaying

Interrogation Answers for Catherine Barton
Suspicious Persons = TRUTH

Interrogation Answers for Lars Taraldson
Possible Suspects = LIE. Evidence is bow rope.
Alibi for Lars Taraldson = DOUBT
Victim's State of Mind = DOUBT
Last Contact with Victim = LIE. Evidence is wet jacket/muddy boots

Interrogation Answers for Benny Cluff
Last Contact with Victim = TRUTH
Vagrant Male Suspect = DOUBT
Yellow Cab 3591 = TRUTH

Interrogation Answers for Richard Bates
Contact with Victim = DOUBT
Account of Movements = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for James Jessop
Contact with Victim = DOUBT
Incident with Bates = DOUBT
Cab Ride with Victim = DOUBT
Movements Prior to Murder = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Stuart Ackerman
Motive for Murder = LIE. Evidence is blood-stained rope piece.
Contact with Victim = DOUBT
Alibi for Stuart Ackerman = LIE. Evidence is the purse.

The Studio Secretary Murder
Interrogation Answers for John Ferdinand Jameson
Discovery of Victim's Body = DOUBT
Interference with Evidence = TRUTH

Interrogation Answers for Grosvenor McCaffrey
Last Contact with Victim = DOUBT
Criminal History = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Mr. Robbins
Contact with Victim = TRUTH
Relationship with Victim = TRUTH
Knowledge of McCaffrey = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Grosvenor McCaffrey (second time)
Relationship with Victim = LIE. Evidence is a book.
Interrogation Answers for James Tiernan
Relationship with Victim = LIE. Evidence is victim last seen
Victim's Book Found = DOUBT.
Alibi for James Tiernan = LIE. Evidence is liquor purchase
Access to Murder Weapon = DOUBT

You should now question McCaffrey before accusing Tiernan.

Interrogation Answers for Grosvenor McCaffrey (third time)
Alibi for McCaffrey = LIE. Evidence is torn letter
Access to Tire Iron = LIE. Tiernan's accusation

Interview Tiernan again now.

Interrogation Answers for James Tiernan (second time)
Events Prior to Murder = LIE. Evidence is McCaffrey's accusation

NOTE - Call R&I about McCaffrey's Record, then interview it for the final time.

Interrogation Answers for Grosvenor McCaffrey (fourth time)
Military Service = LIE. Evidence is criminal record

If you want five stars here, you'll need to charge McCaffrey.

The Quarter Moon Murders

Interrogation Answers: NONE

Vice Desk

The Black Caesar

Interrogation Answers for Fleetwood Morgan
Morphine Overdose Victims = LIE. Evidence is Popcorn Cups with Morphine
Numbers Slips Recovered = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Jermaine Jones
Army Surplus Morphine = DOUBT
Involvement of "Otti" = LIE. Evidence is distributor identified
Link to Ramez Removals = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Merlon Otti
Army Surplus Morphine = LIE. Evidence is Finkelstein identified
IOU Note from Jose Ramirez = TRUTH

The Set Up

Interrogation Answers for Candy Edwards
Whereabouts of Hammond = LIE. Evidence is magazine coupon
List of Odds Recovered = LIE. Evidence is book makers odds
Plans to Leave Town = DOUBT

You will tail her at this point. Don't be seen or you won't get five stars. Also, don't try getting on the roof tops as this will not work. Trust me. 

Manifest Destiny

Interrogation Answers for The Hostess
111 Club Shooting Incident = DOUBT
Knowledge of McGoldrick = TRUTH

Interrogation Answers for Elsa Lichtmann
Army Surplus Morphine = DOUBT
Morphine Overdose Victims = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Meyer Harris "Mickey" Cohen
Finkelstein Drug Operation = DOUBT
111 Club Shooting Incident = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Felix Alvarro 
Informed of Coolridge Heist = DOUBT
Motive for Shooting = LIE. Evidence is Sniper's Pocketbook.

Interrogation Answers for Jack Kelso
Army Surplus Morphine = DOUBT
Ex-Marine McGoldrick = TRUTH
Arms Stolen from Coolridge = TRUTH
SS Coolridge Robbery = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Courtney Sheldon
6th Marines being Targeted = LIE. Evidence is note
SS Coolridge Robbery = LIE. Evidence is Beckett's Confession

Arson Desk

The Gas Man

Interrogation Answers for Don Steffens
Travel Competition = TRUTH
Suburban Redevelopment = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for John Cunningham
Suburban Redevelopment = TRUTH
Promotional Travel Contest = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers for Ivan Rasic
Instaheat Model 70 = DOUBT
Heater Service History = LIE. Evidence is heater serviced by Ryan/Varley

Interrogation Answers for Walter Clemens
Knowledge of Varley = DOUBT
Knowledge of Ryan = LIE. Evidence is Clemens' Anarchist Pamphlet
Employment with Instaheat = DOUBT

Interrogation Answers with Reginald Varley
Work at Sawyer Residence = LIE. Evidence is Heater Serviced by Varley
Suburban Redevelopment = LIE. Evidence is Walter Clemens' Statement
Instaheat Model 70 = LIE. Evidence is Mosquito Coils

NOTE: Talk to Ryan before charging a suspect.

Interrogation with Matthew Ryan 
Anarchist Literature = LIE. Evidence is Ryan's anarchist pamphlets
Instaheat Model 70 = LIE. Evidence is Ivan Rasic's statement
Suburban Redevelopment = DOUBT
Attempted Murder Charge = DOUBT

In order to get five stars on this case you must charge Matthew Ryan.

A Walk in Elysian Fields

Interrogation Answers for Dudley Forman
Morelli Fire Witness Report = DOUBT
Suspicious Activity = DOUBT
Planned Demolitions = DOUBT
Promotional Travel Contest = TRUTH

Interrogation Answers for Leland Monroe
Elysian Linked to Arsons = DOUBT
Promotional Travel Contest = LIE. Elysian Fields Flyers.
Local Land Acquisitions = DOUBT
Rancho Escondido Fire = LIE. Evidence is poor cement quality

House of Sticks

Interrogation Answers for Elsa Lichtmann
Disputed Claim Payout = DOUBT
Connection to Buchwalter = DOUBT
Motive for Dispute = TRUTH

A Polite Invitation

Interrogation Answers for Curtis Benson
Motive for Fraud = LIE. Evidence is share certificates
Suburban Redevelopment = LIE. Evidence is insurance agreement
Buchwalker Case Settlement = DOUBT

A Different Kind of War

No interrogations.
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