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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guide: Shangri-la Time Travel Will Tell Easter Egg Strategy (With Video)

Equipped with the recent zombie map, Shangri-la, is an Easter Egg of epic proportions. By completing roughly eight steps in a certain order, you and your team (have to have 4 players) will receive every perk. It doesn't stop there however, as these perks are also infinite. Even if you were to die you will be revived with infinite perks.

This is by far the most complicated and rewarding Easter Egg yet, so make sure to follow the guide below if you want to do this the right way.

How to Turn on the Eclipse
You're going to need four players to complete this Achievement/Easter Egg. Gather everyone and head to the main (spawn) room. From here, you will each need to press a button found in each corner simultaneously - look on the walls, you will see them. Once you press each button at the same time you will teleport to the past.

Keep in mind that there is a time limit (much like the Pack-a-Punch room), so make sure to complete each of the below steps before you are teleported back.

Step 1: You'll need to head to the jungle section of the map and find a statue with a switch on it. Once here, press said switch and get ready for a matching game. Follow this as closely as possible -

You're going to need to find stones on the ground that are located on both sides of the bridge and in the jungle. When you stand on these stones, a symbol will reveal itself. It's your job to match these symbols in the jungle with the symbols on either side of the bridge. You do this by standing on them at the same time as one of your mates.

Don't waste your time by running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Simply have one player stand on a stone by the bridge and communicate which symbol is there. The other three players now just have to run around the jungle to find the matching symbol. Rinse and repeat.

Step 2: This happens at the waterslide, and requires that three of the four players slide down to the bottom. At the bottom of the slide there is a pressure plate that will deflate when all three players are standing on it. Once here, the fourth person must slide down, activating the fourth switch. Congratulations, step two is complete.

Step 3: This one is a little more intense. You'll need to head to the top of the waterfall and knock the crystal orb down with any explosive. Once it's on the ground, use the 31-79 shrink ray to shrink it. Use your knife on the orb and it will fall down the waterslide. Head down with it, use the geyser, and you are done.

In order to complete the next piece you need to recruit a Napalm Zombie. This requires that you play a round, and not get close enough to make one explode. Run around all ridiculous, trying to get as many crawlers as possible and keeping the Napalm Zombie alive. Head to the waterfall and use the closest geyser to drop yourself into the starting room for the fourth eclipse.

Step 4: You're going to need to head to the tunnel near the jungle and find the wheel to turn. Turn it four (4) times and wait for the dialogue. At this point the Napalm Zombie you kept alive should be coming, and he will ignite the gas leak at the entrance to this tunnel. Don't get near him, backing up through the cave until the power room. Kill him once he is in the power room, having one of your party members run back to where the wheel you turned was. Hold "X" here and another crystal will spawn.

Make sure at this point you have at least four (4) Spikemores, and four (4) crawlers - hopefully five (5). If you don't have these materials, start a new round and collect them.

Step 5: Immediately head to the waterfall and get ready to set up four (4) Spikemores. You'll need to place one at each of the four (4) holes in the tunnel under this waterfall. Once these are placed, have a crawler zombie trip them, blow them up, and notice that the spikemore has plugged the holes. Go to the button that says "Don't Hold 'X'" and hold "X". Congratulations on unlocking the next crystal.

Step 6: Once you teleport here, you need to take note of the twelve (12) panels spread around the map. You need to use your knife on them to draw a certain symbol. Their locations are as follows:

Five of them are in the spawn room, two surround the mud-filled room, two are between power room and the waterfall, two are in the jungle, and one is near the power switch. 

Once the last carving is completed, the character will say something, alerting the team it is done. Go to the Minecart and use an explosive to hit a snare that is located left of the hut outside of the map. The next crystal should appear.

Step 7: Head to the room surrounded by mud and locate the dials. Enter these numbers: Sixteen (16), one (1), three (3), and four (4). The next crystal is here.

Step 8: Your goal in this eclipse is to activate the four (4) correct gongs. They glow when you hit them in the correct order. You're going to need to have one person in the jungle ready to catch some dynamite (by the crystal closest to the geyser). Once he is here, have another player with the 31-79 shoot the crystal above the mud-covered room (you can see it from the spawn point). Once these gongs are hit correctly, the dynamite will fall, said player will catch it, and you are now ready for the final stage.

Step 9: This is the final step. You're going to need to reactivate the gongs, and shoot the crystal above the mud-surrounded room. The meteorite will shrink when you do this correctly. The next step is to activate the Pack-a-Punch and have the player holding the dynamite run up the where the Pack-a-Punch usually is. Once they reach it, they will give the dynamite to the explorers, allowing for the transfer of the Focusing Stone.

This is important - Only one person can get all seven infinite perks. It's the person who grabs the Focusing Stone. Every player in the party will get the Achievement/Trophy, but only one person will get the reward. After a few rounds it will reset, allowing each player the opportunity to get all the perks.

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