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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dark Souls - Ultimate Guide to Summoning

Okay. I get it Dark Souls. You want to be known as the most difficult game ever created in the history of everything. Congratulations, you have succeeded. But do you really have to make summoning other players to aide in your quest this confusing?

The reason I ask is that there are a ton of players out there who have no idea how to summon or be summoned. Follow my next few paragraphs very closely. It's really not difficult to understand, just incredible obnoxious to execute.

There are two main "modes" while playing Dark Souls: Undead and Human. If you are having trouble with an area or a boss, you can either be summoned, or summon someone to help you.

We will start with you being Undead.

If you are Undead you need to place the "White Sign Soapstone" on the ground. A white script will appear on the ground, showing every Human player that you are able to be summoned. Your job is to simply wait until you are summoned. This White Sign Soapstone can also only be placed outside (where there is sun).

Once you are summoned you can attack, kill, and die just like if you weren't a "Phantom". Problem is that you can't heal yourself. So make sure to keep that in mind. Once the instance has been completed you will be transported back to your world with a piece of "Humanity" as the reward - along with the good deed of the day.

Now we will explain Humanity.

You must use your "Humanity" at a bonfire to become Human. Once Human, you will notice a ton of white script on the ground. These are other gamers (most likely Undead players) wishing to be summoned. Simply stand over these instances and press the "Summon" button. Give the game a few seconds and BAM, you will be accompanied by another player.

The main difference between being a Human and summoning an Undead player is that after the instance you are allowed to continue through the game. This is amazing for Human players, and really crappy for Undead ones.

The balance goes like this: Undead can be summoned, Humans can do both. They can summon and they can be summoned. Once an Undead player helps defeat an instance, they are granted a piece of "Humanity". Go make yourself Human, summon an Undead, and help the population progress through the game.

I'm going to set up a chat room where everyone can ask for aide and discuss where they need help. Right now it's a giant mess and I feel this would help. Thoughts?

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