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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Guide: Skyrim Side Quest and Treasure Map Walkthrough (Spoilers - Beware)

There are 23 total side quests that can be man-handled in Skyrim. Many of them are simply found by speaking with city NPC's, while others require a little more effort to unlock.

The guide below not only explains the prerequisites to finding each quest, but goes in-depth on how to complete them in the most timely manner. I have also laid out where to find each treasure map, along with where the treasure is located.

A completionist's dream!

Blood on the Ice
Location: Windhelm
Prereq: Enter and Exit Windhelm four times

Order of Tasks:
-Question the witnesses
-Report to the guard
-Talk to Jorleif
-Get help from Jorleif
-Look at the crime scene
-Talk to Helgird
-Get inside Hjerim by picking the (Master) lock or obtaining the key from Tova
-Investigate Hjerim
-Meet Viola outside
-Investigate with her
-Talk to Jorleif
-Patrol the Stone Quarter streets at night
-Speak to Wuunferth
-Apprehend the murderer
-Go back to Jorleif to complete the quest and obtain your reward.

Forbidden Legend
Will unlock while doing the College of Winterhold Quest 'Under Saarthal'
Prereq: None

Order of Tasks:
-Investigate the cryptic message (check the dead adventurer)
-Investigate the Gauldur legend (Puzzle Solution is Inner Snake, Middle Whale, Outer Bear)
-Learn the truth from Daynas Valen
-Read Daynas Valen’s notes
-Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur (Puzzle Solution is to pull the right-front lever and left-rear lever to open the path)
-Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Geirmund’s Hall (Puzzle Solution is right lever opens a door to three large stone heads. Counterclockwise you need to place Snake, Whale, and Hawk. Go back and pull the left lever. Rotate the pillars ahead so that the Snake faces the doorway, the Whale faces out from the second, and the Hawk faces out from the third. You’ll want them to look like the three stone heads you moved around earlier. Pull the chain, head down and kill the enemies. Next puzzle will require that you (starting from the inside ring) place Dragon, Hawk, and Hawk. Get ready for some intense boss fights.
-Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Saarthal (solution above)
-Reforge the Gauldur Amultet
-Take the Gauldur Amulet

Forsworn Conspiracy
Unlocks while doing the Side Quest 'No One Escapes Cidhna Mine'

Order of Tasks:
-Read Eltrys’ Note
-Go to the Shrine of Talos
-Find evidence about Margret
-Find evidence about Weylin
-Obtain the key to Margret’s room (Optional, but recommended)
-Read Margret’s Journal
-Find evidence about Thonar
-Obtain the key to Weylin’s room (Optional, but once again recommended)
-Read Weylin’s Note
-Find out who “N” is
-Find evidence about Nepos
-Return to Eltrys

No One Escapes Cidhna Mine
Complete ‘The Forsworn Conspiracy’

Order of Tasks:
-Ask a prisoner about Madanach
-Get past Borkul the Beast
-Talk to Grisvar about getting a Shiv
-Bring Grisvar the Skooma
-Talk to Madanach
-Hear Braig’s story
-Return to Madanach
-Kill Grisvar the Unlucky
-Return to Madanach
-Follow Madanach
-Kill Madanach
-Search Madanach’s body
-Escape Cidhna Mine

The Golden Claw
Unlocks while on the Main Quest 'Bleak Falls Barrow'

Order of Tasks:
-Retrieve the Golden Claw
-Cut Arvel Down
-Find the secret of Bleak Falls Barrow
-Bring the claw to Lucan

In My Time of Need
Complete Main Quest ‘Dragon Rising’

Order of Tasks:
-Find the Redguard woman
-Speak with Saadia or Inform the Alik’r of Saadia’s location
-Talk to the Alik’r Prisoner
-Kill Kematu or Inform the Alik’r of Saadia’s location
-Kill Kematu or talk to him
-Lead Saadia to the Whiterun Stables

Kyne’s Sacred Trials
Talk to Froki Whetted-Blade in his cabin at the top of the Jerall Mountains

Order of Tasks:
-Defeat the Guardian Mudcrag
-Defeat the Guardian Skeever
-Defeat the Guardian Wolf
-Return to Froki
-Defeat the Guardian Bear
-Defeat the Guardian Mammoth
-Defeat the Sabre Cat
-Return to Froki
-Defeat the Guardian Troll
-Return to Froki

Laid to Rest
Speak to the Jarl about the burned down house and the quest will begin.

Order of Tasks:
-Talk to the Jarl
-Investigate the burned house
-Find Helgi after dark
-Ask Thonnir about Laelette
-Investigate Alva’s house
-Tell the Jarl about Helgi (Optional)
-Show Alava’s Journal to the Jarl
-Kill the master vampire
-Return to Morthal’s Jarl

Lights Out!
Find the Argonian who is standing around Angeline's Aromatics. Speak with him (or be spoken to) and the quest will start.

Order of Tasks:
-Put out the fire in Solitude Lighthouse
-Return to Jaree-Ra
-Find Deeja at the Wreck of the Icerunner
-Defeat Deeja
-Find out where Jaree-Ra’s bandits took the loot
-Travel to Broken Oar Grotto
-Defeat Jaree-Ra

The Man Who Cried Wolf
Speak to Falk Firebeard in the Blue Palace. After this, speak to Varnius Junius. After that, speak to Falk Firebeard again. Bang, quest initiated.

Order of Tasks:
-Clear out Wolfskull Cave
-Speak to Falk Firebeard

The Wolf Queen Awakened
Complete Side Quest ‘The Man Who Cried Wolf’

Order of Tasks:
-Speak to Styrr
-Defeat Potema
-Retrieve Potema’s remains
-Give Potema’s remains to Styrr
-Return to Falk Firebeard

Missing in Action
Enter and exit any buildings near Whiterun Market

Order of Tasks:
-Meet Fralia in her home
-Find evidence of Thorald’s fate
-Deliver proof to Avulstein
-Find a way to release Thorald from Thalmor custody
-Rescue Thorald from Northwatch Keep
-Lead Thorald to safety
-Return to Fralia Gray-Mane

Promises to Keep

Order of Tasks:
-Speak to Sibbi Black-Briar
-Steal Frost’s Lineage Paper
-Steal the Lodge Stash (Optional)
-Steal Frost
-Return to Louis Letrush

A Return to Your Roots
Start ‘Discerning the Transmundane’ Daedric Quest

Order of Tasks:
-Discover the significance of Crimson Nirnroot
-Collect Crimson Nirnroot in Blackreach
-Bring Crimson Nirnroot to Avrusa Sarethi

Rise in the East

Order of Tasks:
-Steal Survaris Atheron’s logbook
-Give the logbook to Orthus
-Talk to Stig Salt-Plank
-Report back to Orthus
-Depart for Japhet’s Folly
-Talk to Adelaisa
-Kill Haldyn
-Report back to Adelaisa
-Speak to Orthus

Rising at Dawn
Contract Vampirism

Order of Tasks:
-Speak to Falion
-Bring a filled Black Soul Gem to Morthal
-Meet Falion at dawn
-Speak to Falion
-Wait for Falion to complete the ritual

Unfathomable Depth

Order of Tasks:
-Take the Lexicon to Avanchnzel

White Phial

Order of Tasks:
-Retrieve the White Phial
-Bring the Phial to Nurelion
-Speak to Quintus

Repairing the Phial
Complete Main Quest ‘Throat of the World’ and Side Quest ‘The White Phial’. Then wait three days and this will appear

Order of Tasks:
-Speak to Quintus Navale
-Retrieve the Unmelting Snow
-Find some Mammoth Tusk Powder
-Take a Forsworn Heart
-Return to Quintus Navale

Captured Critters

Order of Tasks:
-Bug Hunt
                -Moth in a Jar
                -Torchbug in a Jar
                -Dragonfly in a Jar
                -Butterfly in a Jar
                -Bee in a Jar

The Forgemaster’s Fingers
Orc Strongholds
Non-Orc Race

Order of Tasks:
-Find the Forgemaster’s Fingers
-Bring the Forgemaster’s Fingers to the Orc Chief

The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt
NOTE: You have to carry the map in your possession for the treasure to show up. You can’t simply use the guide below and find the treasure chests. So make sure to get the maps first!

Order of Tasks:
-Fort Neugrad Treasure Map:
-Located in Falkreath Hold, on the main building rooftop. You will have to climb up from the inside to gain access. Look for the chest that is half-buried in the snow and the map will be in there.

-Treasure Map 1 (I):
-Located in the Bandit Camp in Ilinalta Foothills. It’s carried by one of the bandits near the guardian stones. Simply kill him and you will find the map after searching the body.

-Treasure Map 2 (II)
-Located in Winterhold, at Journeyman’s Nook. Look for the fire and notice the knapsack near it. The map is inside this knapsack.

-Treasure Map 3 (III)
-Located in Eastmarch, in the Riverside Shack. Simply go inside this shack and you’ll see the chest sitting there. So na├»ve… so vulnerable… that was creepy.

-Treasure Map 4 (IV)
-Located in Whiterun, in Redoran’s Retreat. You’ll notice a large chest next to the Bandit Chief. The map is in this chest.

-Treasure Map 5 (V)
-Located in Falkreath Hold inside Angi’s Cabin. You’ll see it inside her cabin by the bed. Supposedly on the bedside table but I found it on the floor.

-Treasure Map 6 (VI)
-Located in The Pale area. There is a dead elf (secondary location is Dead Wood Elf) up in the mountains. You’ll find her by following the blood trail. Go northwest of Volunruud to the mountains. Super hard to explain, use the secondary locations map to find a better point of interest.

-Treasure Map 7 (VII)
-Located in Eastmarch inside the Traitor’s Post. Go inside and you’ll see the chest sitting there in plain view.

-Treasure Map 8 (VIII)
-Located in Winterhold, in the Haul of the Horkers. You’ll find the map after searching the dead body of a hunter.

-Treasure Map 9 (IX)
-Located in Eastmarch, inside Lucky Lorenz’s Shack. Search the dead body of Lucky Lorenz (located under a felled tree). It’s just south of the river moving away from the Abandoned Prison.

-Treasure Map 10 (X)
-Located in Eastmarch in Stony Creek Cave. Kill the Bandit Wizard and search his body. Thanks for the map sucka’.

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