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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guide: Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Twists of Fate Cards Locations

Scattered around the incredibly massive world of Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning are "Twists of Fate Cards". These cards, once collected, increase one of your overall stats. Every now and then they even increase more than one attribute.

Don't be one of those guys and waste your time searching solo. Instead, use this guide. Heck, maybe you could even leave a comment.

Played the demo card:
If you played the demo - which who didn't right? - you'll gain an increase to Confidence. This gives you a 5% increase to ice resistance and fire resistance.

House of Ballads:
By completing the "House of Ballads" quest, you gain the Iconoclast card. This gives you a 10% increase to damage with Faeblades, a 6% increase to mana, and a 3% increased chance to steal 5 health.

Warsworn - Truesworn Card:
During the "House of Warsworn" quest, you'll gain Truesworn. All you have to do it kill Anru Besin at the end of the quest. It gives you a +1 to Might, a 10% increase to critical chance, and a 5% increase to stun.

Travelers - The Chariot:
All you have to do for The Chariot card is choose to stand by the Grim during "The Travelers". It gives you a +1 stat to finesse and a 6% increase to piercing damage.

Scholia Arcana - Fearless

At the end of the "Scholia Arcana" quest, you will receive Fearless. This gives you a 5% increase to Elemental damage and +1 to Sorcery.

You will also be able to choose Discipline. Same stats as Fearless.

House of Sorrow - Child of Autumn

Simply complete the "House of Sorrow" quest to receive the Child of Autumn card. It gives you a 5% increase to Elemental Damage and a 5% increase to Damage vs. Fae.

House of Valor - Undisputed Champion

After the "House of Valor" quest, you will receive this card. It gives you a 5% increase to Damage and a 5% increase to Damage Resistance.

Campaign Cards:

Unwritten One -
After "The Coming Storm" you'll be rewarded this card. It gives you a +3% bonus to experience, and a 5% increase to gold.

Unraveller -
Defeat Octienne the Gnome. This card gives you a 5% increase to experience.

Siegebreaker -
Once Balor is defeated, you'll get a +4 bonus to experience and a 6% experience to Damage.

Unstoppable Force -
Complete "Fall of Pride" and receive a 6% increase to Physical Damage and a 7% increase to Gold.

Destiny Defiant -
Beat the crap out of the final boss and receive a 5% increase to Damage, a 5% increase to Damage Resistance, and a 10% increase to both Health and Mana.

These are all the cards I have found so far, and am fairly certain it is all of them. If you have found any others, please leave a comment below. I will add it to the list and give you credit for the find!

Happy Hunting!
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