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Friday, May 4, 2012

'Black Ops 2' Preorders are Destroying Past Titles

The numbers you are about to read are absolutely insane. For your own safety, I highly recommend you take a seat, grab a handful of cheeto's, shotgun a Mountain Dew, and keep a pair of clean underwear close. If these numbers do in fact hold true, we may soon witness the single greatest launch day in the history of the world.

We all know now that Black Ops 2 is going to be released this November. We also know that you can preorder it from several different locations, all of them with their own little preorder bonuses. What we all didn't know, was that Black Ops 2 preorders (via Amazon) are more than ten times the amount seen in it's predecessor, Black Ops.

Let me write that again for you: more than ten times the amount seen in Black Ops.

To make this even more incredible, Black Ops 2 preorders have even surpassed the availability of Modern Warfare 3. Meaning that if Black Ops 2 were to ship with the same amount, not everyone would get a copy. 

This is absolutely amazing considering MW3 holds the record for most pre-ordered game in gaming history. It also sold over $775 million in it's first five days (globally that is). Now imagine for a second that Black Ops 2 has received ten times the preorders, and do that math.

My head just exploded.

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