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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Guide: 'Awesomenauts' Character Breakdown - Froggy G

Nate Frogg, known better as Froggy G, was raised by the streets. Surrounded by crime and punishment his entire life, Froggy G eventually found himself locked up with a 5-year sentence.

It was here in prison that he decided to change his ways. Rather than focus on the gangster ways of life, Froggy G decided that music would be his route. Coming out with hit titles such as "Motherfrogger Bounce!", he was thirsty for fame.

When that also didn't work, he went back to crime and became a hired gun.

Froggy G -


Whirlwind - This will make you turn in a tornado (think of Tazmanian Devil if you will). This damages enemies near you. You can upgrade this later to have it create a damage-absorbing shield, and also last a lot longer.

Dash - This attack propels Froggy G forward and does damage to any enemy in his path. It also goes through enemies, making it a great weapon for attacking a line of foes. Upgrading this will lessen cooldown time, make it a lot more powerful, and even stun your enemy.

Shoot - Fairly straight forward. This is where your bullets come from.

Jump - You can double (even triple when upgraded) jump with this ability. Use it to get to the top of the level where health creatures are usually lurking.

Character Strategy - Froggy G is the character that the typical run 'n gun type of player will use. The game that really wants to be in the middle of the action, equipped with nothing more than a high-powered shotgun and a bad attitude. If this sounds like you, then Froggy G is going to feel just right.

The first thing you're going to want to do is slow down. I know this sounds strange but Froggy G doesn't start out with a lot of health and most of his attacks aren't very strong in the beginning. Walk around the level and collect 'Solar'. Once you get a few hundred stacked up, go unlock "Dash".

Once Dash is unlocked you'll be able to take on a few more enemies. I always recommend still hanging back, killing a few, and collecting 'Solar' until you can either make Dash stronger, or unlock Whirlwind. Either route you want to go is fine, just understand that the end game is going to involve both upgrading Dash completely, and unlocking Whirlwind.

The beauty of having both of these attacks unlocked is that they can be used one right after the other. Go in for a devastating, stunning blow with Dash, then follow up immediately with a killer tornado. I've had more than my fair share of 10-0 matches using this strategy (I've also had this done against me, and it freaking blows).

Once these are unlocked, start the typical unlocking process of increased health, stronger bullets, and health regeneration. Trust me, focus on those two attacks for the majority of the battle and even if your team loses, you'll come out on top.

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