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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Guide: 'Awesomenauts' Character Breakdown - Leon Chameleon

Leon Chameleon isn't your average long-tongued reptile. Growing up as a regular badass, he found himself without an arm after a horrible accident. In what seemed to be a usual game of jeu de boules (bocce ball essentially), Leon made a wrong move and lost his arm. 

He quickly became the most notorious thief of all-time, until he was caught in the Prime Minister's wine cellar. With no escape route, Leon eventually launched into space as a last resort. It was here that he joined the Awesomenauts.

Leon Chameleon -


Stealth - This lets you turn invisible for a short while, dropping a clone in the process. At first, the clone doesn't move, but upgrading it makes it so it behaves like a live character.

Tongue - This is the weapon you are going to want if you are a ranged type of player. Leon whips his tongue out, grabbing his enemy and bringing them back to be owned.

Slash - Rather than have a gun like the other characters, Leon Chameleon uses a blade to attack his enemies. Couple an upgraded Slash with Tongue and you'll be dealing massive damage very quickly.

Reptile Jump- A very high jump.

Character Strategy - Leon Chameleon is a character built for those who like to do a ton of damage to one enemy very quickly. He has no area attacks, so make sure to focus your energy and a single enemy.

Leon is one of my favorite characters (next to Froggy G). There's a beautiful combination that can be created when you upgrade Stealth and Slash, or Slash and Tongue (the choice is yours). If you choose the former, make sure to purchase the Slash upgrade that deals more damage if you attack from the rear. Go stealth, drop your clone, and position yourself behind the enemy. Unleash a Slash attack and your enemy will be half dead before he/she knows what happened.

If they try to run away, simply bring them back with Tongue. Start slashing away until they are defeated. It's an incredible advantage to have on the battlefield.

Outside of being able to upgrade Stealth for a more realistic drone, you should also focus on upgrading so you restore health while invisible. I would recommend leveling this up last however, and using your first few rounds of Solar to upgrade Slash and Tongue. An enemy with a fully purchased arsenal of Slash and Tongue is almost always undefeated at the end of the round, and incredibly frustrating to run into.

Keep in mind that Leon Chameleon isn't going to be the character you'll want to use if you are going to attack turrets and final bases like a mad man. He's more for taking out the stronger enemies and creating a distraction for the big boys to do their job.

You can think of Leon Chameleon like a DPS character if you're an MMO type of person.

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