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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

'Diablo III' Patch Increases Repair Cost, Forces Use of Real Money Auction House

Diablo III patch 1.0.3 is officially live and kicking, creating more problems than it seems to have solved (note my previous entry about receiving no experience).

Just when I thought that would be the worst issue to overcome, I went back to town to repair my equipment. The usual cost of repair was increased by over seven times. Suddenly I am faced with repair costs of over fifty thousand gold.

At first it didn't seem like that big of a deal. I had well over a million gold at this time so fifty thousand felt like nothing. Until the second repair happened. Then the third.

It was at this point that I sat back in my chair and really took a look at what was going on. Why would Blizzard make these repairs so much higher than before? I took a massive bite out of my homemade stromboli from the night before (that's what she said), and that's when it hit me...

Blizzard is full of greedy assholes.

It's simple really: increase the amount to repair equipment, increase the need to spend real money in the "Real Money Auction House". We are no longer able to afford weapons with in-game gold. Players across the globe are now forced to make a decision - spend real money or stop advancing in the game.

Repairing your equipment in Diablo III is something that needs to be done fairly often. It's absolutely impossible to continue playing the game without repairing. It's almost impossible to play through the more challenging difficulties without the best weapons/armor available.

Blizzard, being as greedy as they are, unfortunately aren't stupid. They saw this as a way to build revenue and capitalized. I would imagine the meeting went something like this:

Gary: "Hey Jim"
Jim: "Yeah?"
Gary: "I have an idea"
Jim: "Oh yeah Gary?"
Gary: "Yeah Jim - let's increase repair cost, eliminating any extra in-game gold players have"
Jim: "Why?"
Gary: "Simple math Jim. The less gold players have, the more real money they'll need to spend on equipment!"
Jim: "Gary, you're brilliant. Kiss me you bronze Prince"
Gary: "Only with tongue Jim. Only with tongue"

The solution to the problem? There isn't one. Other than to completely stop playing the game. Even then we have already paid $60 for a game that we don't own (online only). I suppose the only thing left to do is tip our hats to Blizzard. You have somehow completely screwed everyone over.

It's just too bad this is most likely the future of gaming.
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