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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guide: 'Sleeping Dogs' Safehouse Upgrades Locations Map

Among the many collectibles to be found in Sleeping Dogs, the only one that can't be found on your mini-map are the Safehouse Upgrades.

These vendors will be selling goods much like those seen in the black market. By purchasing these safehouse upgrades, you will increase the goods for the in-story safehouses you find along your journey.

Save yourself some time and use the map below.

1. "Air Conditioner"
Cost: $4620
Location: North Point in the Night Market
Look for a middle-aged man wearing blue overalls. He's leaning against a wall.

2. "Brand New Bed"
Cost: $5000
Location: North Point in the Night Market
Look for a woman wearing a white and black dress. She's standing in front of a 50% off sign that's laying on its side.

3. "Massive Sound System"
Cost: $9550
Location: North Point in the Night Market

4. "Dragon Tapestry"
Cost: $3000
Location: Wah Fi Storage in Central

5. "Sofa Set"
Cost: $14,000
Location: Central Docks

6. "Coffee Table and Rug"
Cost: $7200
Location: At the K-Bar in Central

7. "Hot Tub"
Cost: $25,000
Location: Kennedy Town, at the Sun Yat Housing Complex

8. "Fish"
Cost: $850
Location: Kennedy Town Docks

9. "Awesome Pet Bird"
Cost: $3000
Location: Aberdeen Docks

10. "Idol of Guan Yu"
Cost: $4000
Location: Kennedy Town

11. "Giant Movie Poster"
Cost: $250
Location: Aberdeen

12. "Ancient Vase"
Cost: $8000
Location: Central

13. "Strange Idol"
Cost: $12,000
Location: Aberdeen

14. "Plant Service in Your Place"
Cost: $1200
Location: Kennedy Town

I'm by no means perfect, so if you find any that aren't listed please let me know. I'll be adding more detail in the near future as well. Wanted to get this out to you as quickly as possible!
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