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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Guide: 'Borderlands 2' Vault Symbol Locations

Outside of the guns, shields, relics, grenades, skins, and every other piece of loot to be found in Borderlands 2, there are a number of hidden Vault Symbols to find.

These are hidden throughout the world, granting you bonus 'Badass Points' if you find all of them in a single area. Don't waste your time looking for them on your own. Instead, use the guide below.

There are too many enemies to be killed and loot to be found to spend your time on anything else.

Arid Nexus - Boneyard (2)
Bloodshot Ramparts (1)
Caustic Caverns (2)
End of the Line (1)
Eridium Blight (3)

Fink's Slaughter House (1)
- #1: Head to the top of the platform in the slaughterhouse. Notice some stairs just to the right of Fink's Slaughterhouse. Go up these stairs, head left, and find the symbol on the back of the column here.

Friendship Gulag (1)
- #1: This one is simple. There's a crate next to two ammo boxes in the middle of everything. It's on the other side of this crate.

Frostburn Canyon (2)
- #1: This is found right before you find First Hawk. There's a tunnel leading to two Badass psychos (through the hole in the wall next to the skull and teeth). Find the ladder here, jump down, and you'll see the symbol on the wall.
- #2: Find the start of the cave entrance here look left and head to the tunnel here. Follow this path until you see a burning barrel. The symbol is next to this symbol.

Hero's Pass (2)

Lynchwood (2)

Opportunity (2)

Sanctuary (5)
- #1: On the way to Marcus' shop, look for a small alley to the left. You'll need to head to the fence here and find the dumpster. The symbol is behind this dumpster.
- #2: Now that you've found the dumpster symbol, head to the right and look for a small bench. You'll need to use the bench to jump up to the overhang. Now get on the roof, head to the opposite side, and notice the mattress. Jump to this mattress, onto the roof, through the next room and onto the balcony. The symbol is on the door here.
- #3: Go in Moxxi's bar and head through the doorway opposite of her. You'll see the symbol on the wall here (it's up high, use the top step to get a good view).
- #4: This one is found behind some tires in Scooter's garage. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.
- #5: Look for a newsstand that reads 'This Just In' located in the middle of Sanctuary. You'll see the symbol on the roof in front of this building but it's not that easy to get to. Instead, head through the command center and use the stairs here to get to the roof.

Sanctuary Hole (1)
- #1: Head up the stairs following your first wave of enemies. At the top, notice the exploding tank in front of the door (slightly left). Head behind the stairs you see here, around the concrete wall, and you'll find the symbol.

Sawtooth Cauldron (2)

Southern Shelf (2)
- #1: During 'Shielded Favors', you'll find it by taking an elevator to the small store. Go outside, jump on the angled platform and head to the top. Now notice the balcony on the other side and you'll see the symbol on the floor. Can't miss it.
- #2: In Flynt's village you'll eventually use a lift to bring Claptrap up. Head up the ramp here and jump to the sleeping room (it's a huge opening). Head past the loot and jump the end to find the symbol on the ground here.

Southern Shelf - Bay (3)
- #1: Head to the southern portion of the map until you find a submerged boat. Go around this boat and you will see the symbol on its side.
- #2 - You'll notice a large building on top of two massive columns in the village. Simply go around to its backside.
- #3 - This is found in Windbreak camp while you are searching for the Power Core in 'Road to Sanctuary'. It's on the rear side of a small hut.

Southpaw Steam & Power (3)
- #1: Head down the ladder in the first room where you fight some baddies. It's directly across from the entrance door. Head down, turn around at the bottom, and look left of the ladder to find the symbol on the wall.
- #2: After you kill Wot and Ony, head left from their original spawn point. There's a fan that emits sunlight on top of some stairs. The symbol is above this fan, up the right on top of a bunch of stuff. You'll have to jump up to find it.
- #3: Just outside of the spot that Reeth shows up is this symbol. Face where he came out and look left. It's on top of some machinery up there.

The Bunker (1)
- #1: Run around the outer ring here to find this symbol. You'll find some pipes, along with the symbol behind these.

The Dust (3)
The Fridge (2)
The Highlands (1)
The Holy Spirits (1)
Thousand Cuts (2)
Three Horns - Divide (1)
Three Horns Valley (3)
Tundra Express (1)

Vault of the Warrior (1)
- #1: This one is found on the right side of the elevator. Simply take it down and you'll find it.

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve (2)
- #1: This one is found in the southern corner of this area. You need to stand on the yellow Hyperion sign and get on the crane here. Ride it to the top of this building and you'll see the symbol on the side of the building.
- #2: Once you get to the large bridge outside you'll see this one on said bridge.

Windshear Waste (1)
- #1: There's a fire in Claptrap's place. Next to this fire is a closet with the symbol hidden inside.

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