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Friday, October 5, 2012

'Joe Danger 2' on Playstation 3 October 9th

That's right, Joe Danger 2 is finally headed to the Playstation 3. Not only that, but the PSN version will include a massive DLC pack, loaded with bonus content.
What is that bonus content you ask? It's called "Joe Danger Gaiden", and it's a mode that was scrapped by the developers due to it being too difficult. They apparently went back to the drawing board, took out a ton of levels, and made it more accessible, resulting in the first Joe Danger.

The mode and levels that were taken out is now included in the Playstation 3 version. Claiming that it will take at least ten hours to beat, and levels that are "... too challenging or quirky for the main game."
There's also going to be replays, YouTube support, developer favorites, custom soundtracks, level editor, a download hub, and tons of collectibles even beyond a 100% completion. There are over 125 levels, with fifty hours of gameplay, and a price of only $14.99.
Damn son.
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