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Monday, October 8, 2012

'Resident Evil 6' On-Disc DLC Necessary Says Capcom

Not to anyone's surprise, a hacker has found some on-disc DLC for Resident Evil 6. As to why that part is news to anyone (it's a Capcom game after all) is anyone's guess.

 The piece that truly intrigues me however is found in Capcom's response to Eurogamer. Capcom, in regards to unannounced DLC, claims that "... while all such content will not be on the disc there will be one piece of content, that for technical resasons, requires the use of a combination of newly downloaded data and data that is included on the retail game disc."

 In other words, they have to place a piece of code onto the disc in order to have the future DLC work. I'm by no means a programmer, but that sounds like a load of horse shit to me. 

Anyone out there know if this could be true?
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