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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guide: 'Assassin's Creed 3' - All Collectibles Unlocked

There are a ton of unlockables and collectibles to be found in Assassin's Creed III. They range from single and multiplayer unlocks to trophies.

If you're a completionist like myself than you're going to want to find them all.

The guide below will help you with this task.

Sequence 06 -
Boston Outfit
Jamestown Outfit
Charleston Outfit

Sequence 07 -
New York Outfit
Philadelphia Outfit
Baltimore Outfit

Complete all Optional Objectives
Altair's Outfit
Complete Oak Island Naval Location - 
Captain Kidd's Outfit
Complete Achilles' Painting Mission - 
Achilles' Original Outfit
Collect all Feathers - 
Kanien'keha:ka Outfit
Uplay - 
Ezio's Outfit

Maps (once you unlock the map, simply buy it from the shops):

Sequence 04 - 
Boston North Chests
Boston Central Chests
Boston South Chests
New York North Chests
New York West Chests
New York East Chests

Frontier Chests
Lexington Feathers
John's Town FEathers
Monmouth Feathers
Black Creek Feathers
Almanac Pages

Chest Keys:

Frontier - Sequence 05
Boston Central - Complete Memory 02 (Sequence 06)
Boston North - Boston Central Liberation Mission
Boston South - Boston South Liberation Mission
New York North - New York North Liberation Mission
New York East - New York East Liberation Mission
New York West - New York West Liberation Mission

Naval Locations:

Fort Wolcott - 1 Trinket and Dead man's Letter 1 from Peg Leg
Dead Chest's Treasure - 6 Trinkets and Dead Man's Letter 2
The Ghost Ship - 14 Trinkets and Dead Man's Letter 3
The Mad Doctor's Castle - 24 Trinkets and Dead Man's Letter 4
Oak Island - 4 Naval Locations and 4 Oak Island Map Pieces
The Ruines at Cerros - Preorder bonus or Collector's Edition

Multiplayer Unlocks:

Unlock through campaign -
The Huntsman Outfit and Spiritwalker Title
William Johnson Patron
John Pitcairn Patron
Thomas Hickey
Charles Lee
Benjamin Church
Haytham Kenway
Israel Putnam

The Black Bear Hunter
Bear Memento

The Wolf Hunter
Wolf Memento

The Cougar Hunter
Cougar Memento

Elk Hunter
Elk Memento

Bobcat Hunter
Bobcat Memento

Deer Hunter
Deer Memento

Master Hunter
Complete every hunting challenge


Stephane Chapheau and Riot/Assassinate
Sequence 06, Memory 02

Clipper Wilkinson and Marksman
Boston North Liberation Mission

Duncan Little and Bodyguard
Boston South Liberation Mission

Dobby Carter and Lure Away
New York North Liberation Mission

Jamie Colley and Ambush
New York West Liberation Mission

Jacob Zenger and Covert Escort
New York East Liberation Mission

Mementos (unlocked in the Manor):

Ben Franklin Painting
Sequence 12

The Battle of Trenton Newspaper
Sequence 12

The Great Fire of New York Newspaper
Sequence 12

Pitcairn's Memento
Sequence 07

Johnson's Memento
Sequence 06

Hickey's Memento
Sequence 08

Charles Lee's Memento
Sequence 12

Kaniehti:io Memento
Sequence 04

The Boston Massacre Newspaper
Memory 02 in Sequence 05

First Expedition Painting
Memory 05 in Sequence 05

The Boston Tea Party Newspaper
Memory 03 in Sequence 06

Robinson Tea Chest
Memory 03 in Sequence 06

Paul Revere's Ride Newspaper
Memory 01 in Sequence 07

The Battle of Lexington Concord Newspaper
Memory 02 in Sequence 07

The Second Continental Congress Newspaper
Memory 02 in Sequence 07

The Battle of Bunker Hill Newspaper
Memory 04 in Sequence 07

The Declaration of Independence Newspaper
Memory 03 in Sequence 08

Valley Forge Newspaper
Memory 01 in Sequence 09

Brewery Memento
Memory 03 in Sequence 09

Naval Painting
Memory 04 in Sequence 09

Benjamin Church's Memento
Memory 04 in Sequence 09

The Battle of Monmouth Newspaper
Memory 03 in Sequence 10

The Battle of Chesapeake Newspaper
Memory 01 in Sequence 11

The Battle of Chesapeake Naval Map
Memory 01 in Sequence 11

Haytham's Memento
Sequence 11

Scale Model of the Aquila
Oak Island Naval Location

Privateer Memento
All Privateer Contracts completed (guide coming soon)

Nicholas Biddle Memento
Biddle's Hideout Naval Mission

Boston Brawlers Memento
All Brawler Challenges completed

Thief's Club Memento
All Thief's Challenges completed

Hunting Society Memento
All Hunting Challenges completed

Bear Memento
The Man-Eater Hunting Society Missions completed

Bobcat Memento
Feline Feet Hunting Society completed

Deer Memento
The Patriarch Hunting Society completed

Wolf Memento
The Pack Leader Hunting Society completed

Cougar Memento
Acute Cat Hunting Society completed

Elk Memento
The Elk Bachelor Hunting Society completed

Manor Trophies (look at them in the Manor):

Know it All
All Sequences 100% complete

More Than Stories
All Side Missions 100% complete

Anchors Aweigh
All Naval Locations 100% complete

New York Liberation
New York Liberation Missions 100% complete

Boston Liberation
Boston Liberation Missions 100% complete

Free the People
Liberate all Forts

The Art of Conversation
All ambient conversation with Connor complete

A Place Called Home
Upgrade all workers completely

All Ship Upgrades purchased

Spoils of War
10 Convoys attacked

Friends in High Places
All Recruits to Assassin rank

Boston Exploration
Map of Boston with no more fog

New York Exploration
Map of New York with no more fog

Frontier Exploration
Map of the Frontier with no more fog

Crafting and Recipe Guide

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