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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Guide: 'Dishonored' Bone Charm Locations

Bone Charms are much like Runes only not as powerful. Rather than giving you the ability to purchase new upgrades, Bone Charms simply increase stats that you already possess.

Remember, you can use the ‘Heart’ to find Bone Charms easier, but they are still hidden. There are 35 of them total, but only 25 available to you as you play. Yes, for some odd reason they are completely random, never allowing you the ability to find them all in one playthrough.

Below is the list of what they all do, along with their locations.

Tough Skin
Maximum health increased
Blood Ox Heart
Maximum mana increased
Rat Scent
Rats will only attack when you walk near them
Plague Affinity
Mana is given to you when you are attacked by Weepers
Ammo is found in larger quantities
Welcoming Host
White rats can be possessed for a longer time
Healthy Appetite 1
More healing from food
Healthy Appetite 2
Even more healing from food
Spirited 1
More mana from potions
Spirited 2
Even more mana from potions
Water of Life
Some health is given to you by drinking from fountains
Plague Resistant
Less damage taken from Weepers
Fleet Fighter
Maintain speed if you have your weapons unsheathed
Golden Touch
Precious items increase in value
Robust 1
More health from potions
Robust 2
Even more health from potions
Adrenaline from damage taken
Swift Shadow
Slight speed increase while in Stealth
Whirlwind 1
Swing your sword faster
Whirlwind 2
Swing your sword even faster
Throwing Hand
Carried objects can be thrown farther
Twist of Fortune 1
Potions give you a lot of mana every now and then
Twist of Fortune 2
Potions give you a lot of mana less rarely
Falling Star
Gain mana from dropping on your enemies and assassinating them
Unnerving Target 1
Gun-wielding enemies may miss you
Unnerving Target 2
Gun-wielding enemies may miss you more often
Move faster while carrying dead bodies
Strong Arms
Choking is faster
You encounter White Rats more often
Sustained Rage
Adrenaling takes less time to cool down
Reinforced Bolts
Crossbow bolts have less chance to break
Clockwork Malfunction
Enemy grenades takes less time to explode
Carrion Killer
More adrenaline given for killing rats
You climb slightly faster
Spiritual Pool
Mana regenerating increases

Chapter 4: The Distillery District and the Overseer

1)      At the beginning of this quest you start at ground level. Don’t go anywhere except up. Climb as high as you can and you’ll end up on some roads. At this point you should notice a blocked door. Simply go over it to find your first Bone Charm.

2)      Once you are in the Distillery head as far back as you possibly can. You’ll find a room that looks like it’s used for storage. Look up and you’ll see some rafters. ‘Blink’ up to them to find the Bone Charm.

3)      Still in the Distillery District right? Good – look for Griff. When you meet him head to the second floor (you’ll have to use ‘Blink’) to find the Bone Charm. It’s sitting on a table with a candelabra and a massive book.

4)      In the Back Yard you’ll find a Bone Charm in the workshop near a pile of garbage. Kill the dude here if you’d like.

5)      You’ll also find the second Bone Charm in the Back Yard. Follow the outside of the map until you run into an open building. You should be able to see this Bone Charm in a vice.

Chapter 5: The Golden Cat

1)      Once you are on Bottle Road you should notice several buildings alongside it. You need to ‘Blink’ up these buildings. The Bone Charm is on the top floor of one of the buildings.

2)      Near the Wall of Light is a tunnel entrance where Granny Rags is hanging out. Head into this tunnel and search the far end to find the Bone Charm chillin’ in a barrel.

3)      This Bone Charm is located near Slackjaw's hideout. There's a locked room that requires the Distillery Key. What you need to do is head into the building next to it and hang a right. You'll see a crank that opens a gate. Open the gate and sprint/slide to get under it in time. There's a locker on the left here that holds the Distillery Key. Blink out of this area and unlock the gate to claim it.

4)      Get the Captain’s Chair Hotel key from Slackjaw. Use the key to unlock this building and you’ll see the Bone Charm on the ground near a fireplace (first floor). The Captain’s Chair Hotel is just beyond the Wall of Light, near the entrance to the Golden Cat.

5)      Once inside the Golden Cat head to the side with the Steam Room. The Bone Charm is found in a picture frame right next to the Steam Room.

Chapter 6: The Royal Physician

1)      There is a platform that you can raise and lower that you’ll need to get on here. Head up on this platform and ‘Blink’ across to the adjacent building. You’ll be confronted with a bunch of Weepers. Kill them and grab the Bone Charm.

2)      Right before the exit from Midrow Substation is a building you can ‘Blink’ into through the second floor. Head in here and down until you can’t go any farther. You’ll see the Bone Charm on the ground here, near a dead guy.

3)      Once you are in ‘North End’ you’ll be able to find this Bone Charm by entering the nearest building near you (there’s an opening in the back). Head to the top floor and you’ll see it.

4)      Note: this is only possible if you have Low Chaos. Let’s hope you’ve been a nice little assassin throughout the game or this Bone Charm isn’t going to be yours. If you have been, head to the bar and speak with Cecilia. Get the apartment key from under her bed and unlock it to find the Bone Charm inside.

Chapter 7: The Boyle Estate

1)      You have probably already found this Bone Charm if you have found the Runes. It’s in the same building that’s directly across from the mansion mentioned in the Rune Guide.

2)      Next to Boyle Estate is a building you’re going to have to get into. Whatever you do, don’t get through the front door or you’ll be eye to eye with a ton of enemies. Instead, head to the top of the building through ‘Blink’. Once here, head to the top floor and look for a room with a wall that has “Dreary” written all over it. The Bone Charm is in this room on the floor.

Chapter 8: Return to Dunwall Tower

1)      From where Samuel drops you off head inside. Head up to the second floor and you should see a spot to ‘Blink’ around the edge. The Bone Charm is up here on a dead body.

2)      Head up the stairs to the second floor in the Dunwall Tower and hang a right. You need to be in the lower left corner of the map. Look for a sconce that opens a secret door to find the Bone Charm hidden inside.

Chapter 9: The Flooded District and the Sewers

1)      Head to the Rudshore Waterfront and ‘Blink’ your way to the top of the buildings. You’ll want to head towards a building in the central right area of this map to find the Bone Charm. It’s just left of the entrance to Greaves Refinery.

2)      While you are still in Rudshore Waterfront head to the “Central” part of this area. Follow the channel to find this Bone Charm. It’s super easy to find.

3)      Once you have gained access to Greaves Refinery you’ll want to head to the second story. Go outside and look for a broken walkway. The Bone Charm is just below this walkway.

4)      Head into the Gateward Channel and just keep moving forward. Eventually you’ll hit a dead end with the Bone Charm down a small path to the right.

5)      Just before you reach the Old Port District Outskirts you can find this Bone Charm on the second floor of the buildings you pass by.

6)      Finish the mission with Granny Rags and Slackjaw to get this Bone Charm. It’s in the sewer tunnel next to the safe.

7)      This one is found at the end of the sewers, submerged in some water behind a crate. This is just after the Weepers Base and just before the end of this mission.

8)      Sneak into Daud’s pouch and get this Bone Charm.
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