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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Guide: 'Dishonored' Runes Locations

Runes are the currency you will use to purchase new powers in Dishonored. The only power you will receive without using Runes is Blink, which you are given at the beginning of the game.

Problem is there are only 34 Runes in the game and purchasing all 10 upgrades requires 56 of them. So what do you do?

Spend them wisely. Also, make sure you find them all.

Lucky for you we have the location of all of them below.

Chapter 3: The Hound Pits Pub

1) Once you have Blinked to the last island you'll find this one. It literally can not be missed.

2) After you wake up head through the waterway past the pub. If you can't find it, simply use the Heart. It's on some rocks at the face of a large cliff.

Chapter 4: The Distillery District and the Overseer

1) Help Granny Rags with her Thug problem to have this Rune given to you. It will be found on the second floor after you help her. No, you don't just have things given to you. Work a little bit, damn.

2) Take care of the next thing Granny Rags wants you to do unlock this Rune.

3) You will find this Rune in an alley behind Granny Rags' apartment.It's in the crotch of a shrine of sorts, surrounded by small lamps.

4) Once you are beyond the second Wall of Light you can find this Rune in the guard station. Be careful, there's a guard there (obviously) so either sneak around to get it off his desk, or murderate his life.

5) There's a switch inside the Overseer Compound basement that you'll need to trigger. It's on a cabinet of sorts, just to the right of a male bust. Highlight the center of this cabinet to pull the lever.

6) While you are in the Overseer Compound head to the second floor. You'll find the rune above the fireplace here.

7) Once you are at the end of this mission you'll need to search inside the workshop in the backyard. It's in this workshop, in a side area near a chalkboard.

Chapter 5: The Golden Cat

1) This Rune is found inside a metal desk that's on its side. You can't really miss this one, as it's right in the middle of your trek to the Hound Pits Pub.

2) During the mission where you have the deal with the Weepers, you'll stumble across a gang of them. It's hard to explain but you'll know what I'm talking about. Once you are here, head past them to find a secret channel that takes you underwater. The Rune is found here.

3) Inside the Art Dealer's apartment is a safe you need to unlock to find this Rune.

4) Head to the Golden Cat and search the apartment on the second floor. The Rune is here, on top of a wooden crate surrounded by old posters.

5) While you're in the  Golden Cat, head to the top floor and go inside the prostitute's room. The Rune is on the wall to the right of the bed.

6) The final Rune in the Golden Cat is found on the second floor. It's on the second floor in a picture frame. It's above a chest with some liquor bottles on it.

7) On the third floor od Dr. Galvani's office is a laboratory. Search through here and you'll find a side room with the Rune in it. On another cabinet, above a red carpet.

Chapter 6: The Royal Physician

1) Leave the warehouse and head across the train tracks. You'll find the Rune inside a room, above a pink and orange mat.

2) Once you are inside Lord Pratchett's house, you can find the Rune inside his safe.

3) Go to the top of Lord Pratchett's while you're here. Blink to the nearby balcony and get ready for a freaking crazy man to come at you. Steal the Rune once this happens.

4) Look for this Rune in Midrow Substation at the beginning of the map. It's inside of this area on top of the desk. Really can't miss this one.

5) On top of Sokolov's home is the final Rune. It's inside his greenhouse.

Chapter 7: The Boyle Estate

1) Head across the river near the Boyle mansion and head up the building in front of you. You'll have to get by a group of Weepers to gain access. If you're like me you'll simply kill them all.

2) Head to the middle of the map and go into the channel. This Rune is underwater here, all you gotta do is get your pants a bit wet.

3) Go into Corvo's room to find this one on a table. Pretty simple.

4) Callista will give you a side quest that you'll need to accept to get this Rune. Simply complete the mission to get it.

5) Inside Boyle Estate you'll want to head down into the basement to find this Rune. It's in the vault to the right of the tall cabinet.

Chapter 8: Return to Dunwall Tower

1) Head right of the water lock and look inside the barracks to find this Rune.

2) Once you are in the tower head to the second floor. Go to Lord Regent's room and you'll find the Rune inside a chest. It's far beyond the long table in the center of the room, against the foot of the bed.

3) Now that you are in the tower head back to the first floor. You'll need to find some stairs that lead to the Torturer's dungeon. Once you are here head past the cell with the hanging man and you'll find the Rune in the far corner. It's behind a sleeping dog.

4) Go to the roof of the tower and sneak into the library. If you don't sneak you won't get this one. Once here, you can find the Rune in 'Regent's Safe Room'.

Chapter 9: The Flooded District and the Sewers

1) Go to the Greaves Refinery and keep to the outer ring of this area to find this Rune. It's on the ground near some shallow water.

2) Once you have gone down into Daud's base you can find this Rune. It's at the bottom of the chain you climb down.

3) Head up the two broken buildings in the Gateward Tunnel by Blinking back and forth like Batman. It's on the roof and is a massive pain in the ass to get.

4) Look for this Rune in the Old Port District Outskirts. It's on top of an Outsider Shrine, tucked away.

5) Go under the base of the Weepers to find this Rune.

Chapter 10: Assault on the Pub

1) There's only one found here, and it's on the top floor of Piero's workshop. You need to get through the window on the second floor to reach here. How do we do this? Easy - Blink!

Chapter 11: The Island and the Lighthouse

1) Head into the sewers through the backyard and open the door. You have to pull the lever above this door and jump down. You'll see the Rune sitting in front of you.
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