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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Guide: 'Dishonored' Sokolov Painting Locations

Anton Sokolov is quite the arteest (that’s French for ‘artist’). Luckily for you they are incredibly valuable, and can give you 300 coins for each one found.

I like to think of them all as stolen from your collection and it’s your lifelong obsession to retrieve what was rightfully yours in the first place.

Either way, it’s a very good idea to find them all. Which is what the guide below is perfectly suited to help you do.

Chapter 4:
“The Isometry of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell” – This painting is found in the Overseer building. It’s in the basement which is accessed via a secret room that can be opened near the entrance to the Kennel. There’s a button you have to press across from it.

Chapter 5:
“Custis, Morgan and the Postulate Child” – There are two things you are going to have to do to get this painting. The first is head down the alley in the beginning of this map and help the lady out to get the key. Secondly, you’ll need to head to the Golden Cat and torture a safe combination from the Art Dealer. Now that you have done both of those things, head inside the Art Dealer’s apartment and to the third floor. Use the combination to unlock the safe and find the painting.

“Daud and the Parabola of Lost Seasons” – This is also found in the Art Dealer’s apartment, only rather than be hidden in a safe it’s in the bedroom.

“Light Along the Inverse Curve, Sokolov’s Self-Portrait” – Once again inside the Art Dealer’s apartment. Go to the second floor and you’ll see the painting hanging up in front of two enemies.

Chapter 6:
“The Obtuse Argument of Lady Boyle” – Go to the first floor of Sokolov’s house to find this painting. Screw trying to be sneaky and just grab the painting in the middle of the room.

Chapter 7:
“The Spymaster’s Axis of Asymmetry” – Head to the second floor of Boyle Mansion. You’ll need to go through the balcony to gain access. For some odd reason you weren’t invited to the party, which is ridiculous. You’ll have to search all the rooms here as the location of the painting varies.

“Vera Moray and the Affix of Her Skin” – Once again on the second floor of Boyle Mansion, in basically the same area as the one mentioned previous. Find the Gallery and you’ll see this painting of a stern woman sitting there in front of you.

Chapter 8:
“The Empress and the Empty Set” – When you are in the tower you should take a slight detour into the music room. Look above the fireplace to find the painting.

Chapter 9:
“The Commutative Rats and the Weeper” – This is found on the third floor of the damaged building in the Rudshore Waterfront. It’s hard to miss this building as it has a direct view over the massive waterway. Head inside and to the third floor to find the painting in a small room guarded by an incredibly creepy dude.

“The Torturer’s Quaternionic Groan” – Head to Central Rudshore and into the Assassins’ base. Remember that chain you climbed down while finding the Runes? The painting is down here. Just head a little bit into this area and you’ll see it hanging up.

“The Outsider and the Circumscribed Void” – Old Port District Outskirts holds this painting hostage. Head to Granny Rags and you’ll see the painting near the furnace.
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