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Monday, October 1, 2012

Guide: 'Resident Evil 6' Serpent Emblem Locations - Jake

There are 80 Serpent Emblems hidden through Resident Evil 6. They are found within each character's main storyline, branching across every chapter.

Also, they aren't easy to find. At all to be honest.

Below are the Serpent Emblem locations for Jake's campaign.

Chapter 1:

#1 - This is just above the first door you encounter. Can't be missed even if you had your eyes closed.

#2 - Just before you use the bar to swing look in the distance to the right. It's high on the rocks here.

#3 - Note: this emblem is only available if you play as Sherry. You'll need Jake to give you a boost into the bathroom. It's available after escaping Ustanak (the first time). Look high above the urinal to find this one.

#4 - Head up the ladder onto the street and you'll see a large opening leading outside. The emblem is above the door here, just below the giant cathedral.

Chapter 2:

#1 - At the beginning of the chapter you'll need to climb a ladder. At the top of it, aim aim and above the transmission tower.

#2 - Next to "Memory Device A" there is a large vehicle. It's on this.

#3 - This emblem is found during your stint as a snowmobile x-games champion. You have to run it over for it to count, but it's not too difficult. Just before you enter the cave it's to the right.

#4 - Once you reach the exit, turn around to see the emblem on top of some frozen pipes. Yes, you're going to die.

Chapter 3:

#1 - Once you gain control of the camera turrets you'll be able to shoot this emblem. It's on top of a bookshelf near a large marble counter.

#2 - This emblem is found on some shelves in a room to the right of a set of stairs. It's only a few paces after Jake and Sherry put their clothes on.

#3 - This emblem is hidden inside the large statue with the tank. You'll have to convince the tank to destroy the statue to find the emblem inside.

#4 - Head outside from the trash chute and run across the water. Now head right but don't go up the stairs here. Go around them and you'll see the emblem beyond some foliage.

Chapter 4:

#1 - Once again this is only reachable if you are playing as Sherry. Aim to the left of the fuel truck you're supposed to explode. The emblem is on top of a large lit-up orangish-yellow sign here.

#2 - Once you blow up that helicopter (I'm telling you, you'll hate them at the end of this game) you'll head down a few alleys.The emblem is on the hood of a car with it's high beams on. You'd think by now the battery would be dead...

#3 - Leap through the window and down to the street. Look immediately left and you'll see the emblem. It's easy.

#4 - After Sherry opens the door for you, you'll notice the emblem in a small opening to the right of the red ladder. Don't climb the ladder if you want this emblem (obviously - I don't even know why I just typed that).

Chapter 5:

#1 - Head back into the beginning room (after you get your weapons). The emblem is high up, near a rounded yellow pipe, above the experiment table.

#2 - Use the elevator and head left once inside the next room. The emblem is inside a glass case here. Just go the opposite way the game wants you to (typical collectible nonsense).

#3 - This emblem is found on a column to the right of the catwalk you fight Ustanak on.

#4 - Leave the lava room (where the Ustanak fight happened) and head down the hallway. Turn right at the end of it and you'll see the emblem here. Simply punch it in the face.

Guide: 'Resident Evil 6' Serpent Emblem Locations - Ada

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