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Saturday, October 6, 2012

How 'Dishonored' Has Revolutionized the Encumbered Inventory

Dishonored is hitting store shelves next week, and it's bringing the heat. I was able to get my hands on an extended demo at E3 this year and left the show praying I found the mask that would give me the protagonist's powers.

One thing I noticed during the demo was that I never found myself carrying too much in my inventory. It never seemed to be crowded. In open world games this is a common problem. Games like Skyrim and Diablo III constantly made me either leave my current objective to sell, or drop lesser items to make room in my bag. Not only was this annoying for the organizational freak like myself, but it took me out of the action.

Dishonored is taking a different approach to this. Rather than storing items that are solely meant for selling (which we see in games far too often), Dishonored sells them immediately. The money that item is worth is sent to your coin purse immediately. Gone are the days of teleporting back and forth. No more walking to the nearest vendor for the sole purpose of selling unimportant items just "because".

Now you are constantly in the action. The story continues and the mission you are on never leaves your sight. It's a beautiful game mechanic that I hope will be implemented in future games.

It's revolutionary game mechanics like this one that I love to see. Simple actions that just make sense.

Nice work Arkane Studios. Nice freaking work.
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