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Monday, October 8, 2012

PAX East 2013 Badges Available…For Now

Those of us hitting “Refresh” on the PAX website nonstop since the last event already know, but for those who didn’t: registration for next year’s Penny Arcade Expo East is now open.

As of this writing, all variants of PAX badges were still available, which include the three-day pass for $70, as well as the $35 single-day badges for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hotel registration through the PAX site is also open.

For PAX Prime 2012, the eager gaming public utterly gobbled and consumed every single pass almost as soon as the Penny Arcade folks served them. Seriously, they were only up for a few hours before they were all gone for good. PAX East badges historically tend to be available for longer, but even so, I wouldn’t chance it.

The East coast video game event will unload its massive showcase from March 22nd to the 24th next year. So unlike 2012’s expo, it doesn’t fall on a holiday (Easter is March 31st), and this time there won’t likely be anything to stifle demand and cause badges to remain still on sale for several months. We can reasonably expect 2013 passes to sell out much faster.

Chances are good that people reading this already know exactly what PAX is. But just in case you’re a mole person who only just recently decided to live above-ground, the Penny Arcade Expo is a grand video game exhibition hosted by the web comic company, Penny Arcade. It’s similar to showcases like the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), except it’s open to the public. Beginning as just a game event in Seattle held annually in late summer, the show expanded in 2010 to also hold a separate annual “East” event in Boston during the spring season. Penny Arcade has also announced another expansion, PAX Australia, for early summer.
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