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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: 'Medal of Honor: Warfighter' Multiplayer - Meh

Medal of Honor Warfighter is inarguably an authentic first person shooter. That means if you have played a first person shooter in the last decade you will already be intimately familiar with it before you even pick up the controller.

If you are looking for a new online experience then you better look elsewhere.

Warfighter follows the formula of every modern first person shooter since Call of Duty 4 while innovating little to none, but manages to not completely suck. If that doesn't immediately kill your murder boner then read on.

If you said the game feels like a cross between Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty you wouldn't be wrong. The game studio Danger Close took the time tested Frostbite engine from BF:3 shrunk the maps and got rid of the vehicles. Movement is a good blend between the two franchises, it carries over the vaulting over objects animation from Battlefield as well as the bi-pod deployments for the light machine guns and sniper rifles. There is less of the floating feeling from BF:3 which makes aiming feel smoother and crisper which is needed for  close quarters combat gameplay.

What Warfighter tries to bring to the crowded table of online first person shooters are tactics. Which it does with a moderate degree of success. Each team is comprised of two man squads and your squad mate is your best friend. They can heal and resupply you as well as provide a mobile respawn point.

This works great when your squad mate is someone you know, but not so great when you get teamed up with some random asshole online.

My favorite part about this game mechanic is that if you are low on ammo or health, but your buddy isn't you can still go up to them and resupply yourself because for some people going up to your teammate and pressing a button IS rocket science.

You might be thinking, "Hey man what about the streaks? I got to have my streaks! And what's a first  person shooter without streaking right?" Instead of kill streaks you have point streaks which is something I actually prefer. Especially since having your buddy respawn on you nets you 10 fat points, which can give you just enough to get that Apache without risking your pretty little face.

And that's pretty much where the innovation stops.

Classes? Check. Nothing really special here, heavy gunner, sniper etc. Gun Modifications? Check. There really aren't that many types of different guns, but a lot of different variations. Not sure why I can't just slap a box magazine on every gun but hey that's just me. XP Earned to unlock stuff? Check. Only 788,404 more points needed to unlock the final variation of the AA-12, yes almost there!

There is a perfectly serviceable game here if you haven't been afflicted with first person shooter fatigue yet. Unfortunately it is buried underneath a steaming pile of EA. Is anyone actually a fan of Origin? Oh you are? Well fuck you. If you love sitting in login screens then this is the game for you.

This game is also riddled with glitches. It has frozen on me in three different screens prompting a restart. The spawns are shit and you have no invulnerability when you spawn. The game will literally spawn you into an explosion or bullets and you will die. Which is always super fun. They trick is just not to die and if you have a reliable stable of friends you play with or an active clan then you are all set. If you are just getting home from work and have 30 minutes to kill by casually getting in a match or two? Well unless you win the random teammate lottery it sucks to be you.

Overall this game isn't great, it isn't bad, it just exists. It will keep me occupied for a little bit and if Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 suck really bad it will give me something to come back to and yell at.
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