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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Second Opinion: 'Dishonored'

Dishonored is a game that I've been forever looking forward to. Since it's inception I've been stoked on buying it. I even considered driving thirty minutes to the nearest midnight release.

When I finally got the chance to pick it up I went straight home and started playing. 

In the interest of making this short and sweet, I'll explain it the same way I do my customers.

The beginning of the game had me worried. I started it and was pausing every now and then to check Facebook, email, Twitter, and all other forms of social media. For some reason it just wasn't holding my attention.

After I played all the way through the first mission and unlocked the 'Blink' ability I was hooked. The enjoyment I got out of playing was unprecedented. An exponential increase in all forms of the word. It was easily one of the best game I have played in a very long time. I would go so far as to say it could be the best game in the whole "assassin" genre.

I won't bog you down with a wholehearted review, you've most likely read enough of those already. Instead, I'll just let you know that it's one of the most stylish, fun, and overall cool game you can play right now. No one will have the same experience and it will forever remain a blast to sit in a group of friend and discuss how you all evicted a certain guard from his pathetic, fragile life.

Wow, I might be psychopath...

I'm already looking forward to going through it again at least several more times. There's just too many different ways to play Dishonored to allow only a single playthrough. It's absolutely worth the price of admission and if you have ever enjoyed a Hitman or Assassin's Creed game this is an absolute must play.

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