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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekly Workout - Complete Circuit

This one is going to require you to actually go to the gym. You'll need access to a variety of dumbbells, along with a flat bench.

This is going to be a super-set, circuit-based program. Make sure you have access to all the equipment listed below before you start.

With that, here we go.


Dumbbell Squat - Hold a single, heavy dumbbell, preferably over 50 pounds in both hands. Hold dumbbell close to chest and begin your squats. Do 20 of them.

Dumbbell Row - Grab two dumbbells, one for each arms. With feet shoulder width apart, bend at the waist and let dumbbells hang. Now pull them to your side, triggering your back. Do 20 of them. You should not let the weight be below 20 pounds.

Dumbbell Chest Press - Lay on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each arm. Press them up as if you were doing a bench press. Bring them down so your elbows are parallel with your shoulders. Repeat lift. 20 of them.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press - Grab two dumbbells, one for each arm. While standing, press the dumbbells over your head, making sure to keep them directly over your head. Lower until your elbows are parallel with your shoulders and repeat. 20 as well.

Do one set of each of these and go to the next exercise. A complete set will be 80 total reps, 20 of each single exercise. Now repeat this circuit 3 times at a minimum, 5 at a maximum. Keep track of your time!

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