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Thursday, November 8, 2012

'Grand Theft Auto V' - Story, Characters, Vehicles, Setting, and Screenshots

It's no secret that Grand Theft Auto V is coming out. In typical Rockstar fashion they decided to release a plethora of new content on the same week as another massive release.

This is the sort of thing Rockstar does. "Oh, E3 is happening? Nah, we won't go. Instead, let's announce something massive". Which they can do because let's face it - it's Rockstar.

So what do we know now? A lot. As in who the three main characters are, where the game is going to be set, new gameplay mechanics, and much more. Let's get this party started.


It's going to be set in Los Santos. Also known as Los Angeles. While this has been done numerous times, Rockstar felt like they had only scratched the surface. In the interview with Game Informer, Rockstar described Los Angeles as the "... vanity capital of the modern world." Perfect for a game like Grand Theft Auto V.

Los Santos is the largest world Rockstar has ever created. Rumored to be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and GTA IV combined.

Grand Theft Auto V is going to be set between three main characters, with players switching in between each of them to progress the story. According to Rockstar, this will "... allow them to create a more diverse style of lead protagonist and tie certain behavior to particular characters." They also believe that by making each character live in separate areas, players will be able to experience more of the world more quickly.


There are going to be three characters that you play as: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

Michael is a retired male in his early 40's. He is currently in the witness protection program after retiring from his life as a bank robber. Proving that money doesn't buy happiness, he is in a loveless marriage with two teenage kids that he doesn't understand.

Trevor is slightly psychopathic. He's a former war veteran that can't seem to shake it. The polar opposite of his friend Michael, Trevor lives in the desert inside his trailer. He's a troublemaker to put it lightly, constantly seeking confrontation. A stark difference from Michael and one that I oddly see myself enjoying the most.

Franklin is sort of unknown at this point. He works in Vespucci Beach as a repo man. He seems to walk with a swag and understand his role. His story seems to reside in the coastal section of Los Santos.

One thing to note is that even if you aren't playing as a certain character, they will continue on their daily activities. According to Rockstar, "... you may be surprise by the situations they find themselves in."

You unfortunately will not be able to customize your character's look.


Due to the size of Los Santos, Rockstar has implemented more vehicles than ever before. While no list has been revealed yet, we do know that BMX bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, dirt bikes, helicopters, planes, ATVs, Jet Skis, and of course cars and trucks will be included.

According to Rockstar, you won't have to wait to fly being that Trevor is a former war veteran with flight experience.

Gameplay Mechanics:

Driving is going to much tighter, allowing more control over your vehicles. According to Rockstar, "There are not a lot of high-level racing games out there at the moment, and that itch is going to be scratched by this game in a way maybe it hasn't been in previous GTAs."

Shooting and melee have also been improved, which makes sense considering the games Rockstar has released since Grand Theft Auto IV.

Spending Time:

There are going to be a ridiculous amount of activities in Grand Theft Auto V. Everything from bowling, strip clubs, stand-up comedy, internet cafes, television, and minigames. Rockstar really wants to focus on diversity in Grand Theft Auto V.


Rockstar realizes that buying properties was a popular way to spend money, they aren't going to include it in GTA V. Instead, they plan on building a "... very vibrant and fun economy, from earlier in the game to after you've completed everything." No property, but a ton of other stuff to do.


No real multiplayer details yet, other than they are happy with the direction and excited to see the final build.

Screenshots can be found by clicking here.

Source: Game Informer
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