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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guide: 'Black Ops 2' Zombie Mode Strategies

Rather than having a bunch of separate maps this time around, Zombies is instead set up in one massive map. This map is then divided into five areas, known as The Bus Depot, The Farm, The Diner, The Power Station, and The Town.

Along with that, there  are three different game modes: TranZit, Survival, and Grief.

It's still everything we know and love about Call of Duty Zombies, only this time it's bigger than ever. Use the guide below to make sure you aren't the guy dying every ten seconds. Keep in mind the walkthrough portion of this guide will be used  mainly for TranZit.

Point Distribution - 

This is incredibly important. Points are what you will use to purchase new guns, ammo, and upgrades. You can gain points by either boarding up windows or killing zombies, with certain killing methods giving you more points. The breakdown is as follows:

Body shot kill - 10 points per shot, 60 points for the kill as they take 6 shots to kill
Head shot kill - 100 points (very smart to start doing in the third round)
Stab kill - 130 points

So what does this mean? Well, it means that you need to be strategic in your kills. In the first two rounds I highly recommend that you let the zombies into the windows. If you kill them inside they will most likely drop items which you can them pick up. Also, you can maximize your score by shooting them in the body five times and then stabbing for the kill. This gives you 180 points per kill.

Zombie Drops (Power-Ups) -

Zombies will occasionally drop power-ups. Insta-Kill makes every zombie a one-hit kill, Nuke blows everything up, Max Ammo gives you max ammo, Carpenter fixes all the broken barricades, and Double Points give you double points (these are all very obvious).

There's a strategy to these as well though. If you get Insta-Kill make you sure you save your ammo and just knife them all. Nuke is great if you are being overwhelmed, but not if you are trying to keep one zombie alive - more on that later. Double Points is an amazing power-up, especially if you use the above kill strategy to get the most points.

The Bus Stop - 

Whatever you do don't start firing off rounds at the zombies you see standing in front of you. Instead, use your knife. Whatever you do, do not kill all the zombies. Leave one of them alive so you can find all the parts to leave this area without having to spend any more money.

You need to find the three pieces to make the Turbine in this area. The Turbine will be your source of power. They are located as follows:

First piece is by the M14 under the payphones
Second piece (the fan) is next to the crafting table by the row of plastic chairs
Final piece (mannequin) is leaning against the glowing map in the center of the room

Once you have these pieces you need to craft the Turbine on the crafting table. Pick up the Turbine and set it down next to the crafting table (where it says you need a source of power). This will then open the door, saving you the points you would usually use to open the door to leave.

Now it's time to leave and head for the Diner.

Important Note - While on the bus you can get attacked by zombies. There are several windows you can board up for points, and other areas that you simply can't. Just because you are on the bus does not mean you are safe. You can also upgrade the bus with parts you find laying around the map (more on that later).

The Diner - 

It's going to cost you 750 points to get in the Diner, but it's well worth it. Waiting inside for you is a Perk-a-Cola machine.

This is also where you find the Zombie Shield, your next contraption. You'll have to find the dolly and car door for this to be built. The Zombie Shield is amazing as it protects you from a ton of zombie damage. Problem is that you won't gain points for bashing them. The beautiful thing about the Zombie Shield is that it also protects you from behind - exit only zombie bitches.

The Garage - 

There's a garage right next to the Diner. It's also 750 points, but this one has the famous mystery box. It's always in the garage, so if you're feeling lucky you should head here immediately. The mystery box will cost 950 points to open and every now and then won't give you a weapon. It will instead show you a teddy bear and transport to another location. Don't worry, if this happens you get a refund of the 950 points.

Once you have found everything here you'd like to (including the Zombie Shield and mystery box) then it's time to head to the Farm.

The Farm - 

The farm has three areas to it - a barn, a house, and a shed. The barn and house have two stories, important to note if you are looking for an escape route or unsure where zombies keep coming from.  The barn has a Perk-a-Cola inside in case you are looking for a few perks. The house is a lot smaller than the barn but it has a mystery box on the second floor. It may be worth the risk but I don't recommend it.

You can build the Turret at the Farm with the RPD, Lawn Mower, and Ammo Pouch. You'll also need to have built the Turbine (found in the Bus Stop) in order to power the Turret. Simply set it down on the ground and watch it do work on those zombie fools.

Hop on the bus and head for your final destination, the Power Station.

Power Station - 

So the Power Station is the fourth stop, and is a key point in this whole process.

Inside the Power Station is the Reactor, which will turn the power on for the entire city. It's hidden underground so will take a bit to find. I'm not sure if this always happens, but I tried leaving this area before the power was on and I was electrocuted. 

If you either turn the power on or leave before you go underground you may end up in the corn field. It's a secret area that you may encounter on your way from the Power Station to the final area, the Town Center. If you find yourself here look for the table, meteor, radio, power box, and navigational card. This will build the Navigational Table and is a ton of help.

Town Center - 

This area is by far the largest of them all. It's definitely easier to run away from zombies and can be used a nice area to take a breath. Just don't rest too long as zombies come in massive hordes in this area.

The mystery box has been seen upstairs in the bar and just off the main street in a side alley.

You can build the Power Switch here with the power box, power switch, and arm. You can also build the Pack-a-Punch by heading to the Bank and finding the table, battery, and head piece.

Secret Locations - 

There are several ways to access each area. Most of them are fairly obvious but it's amazing how many hidden gems there are. They are;

A tunnel leading from the Bus Depot to the Diner, a corn field from the Power Station to town, Nacht Der Untoten which is just right of the Corn Field, the Power Tower on the left side of the corn field, and the Cabin which is just beyond the corn field.

Upgrade the Bus - 

There are three upgrades that I have found so far.

Plow - This will kill any zombie that happens to get in front of your bus
Roof Hatch - A great way to escape through the roof if zombies overtake your ride
Ladder - You can gain access to the roof of the bus from the driver's side

Work in Progress

Every buildable item can be found here.

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