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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guide: 'Black Ops 2' Zombies Buildable Items - How to Build and Where to Find

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies mode is greatly improved. Not just with smoother gameplay but with more secrets, guns, zombies, and even things you can build.

In order to build these zombie-killing machines you'll have to first find a few parts. They are scattered around the map, mostly in the same spot every time.

We have found them all. Sexy.

Turbine - 

This one is found at the Bus Depot, the first spot you will be in. You need a fan blade, mannequin, and dolly to build the Turbine.

- Fan blade can be found near the crafting table on some seats.
- Mannequin is found leaning on the giant glowing sign in the middle of the room.
- Dolly is near the M14, below the pay phones.

Once you have these parts, build them and use the Turbine to open the door. It will save you 750 points because it allows outside access for free.

Zombie Shield - 

This is found in the Diner. You'll need a dolly and a car door to build this one.

- Car door is found in the Garage
- Dolly is found in the Diner

Once you have found these, simply put them together to build the Zombie Shield. Tons of fun to watch them explode!

Turret - 

Head to the Farm to find the parts for the turret. You'll need the RPD, Lawn Mower, and Ammo Pouch.

- I found the RPD in the barn, though several people have listed their findings at the two-story house.
- Ammo Pouch is in house. Look in the kitchen (that's where I found it).
- Lawnmower is outside next to the side of the house.

Make sure you have the Turbine still in order to power this up. If you don't, simply head back to the Bus Depot and build it up.

Electric Trap - 

This is in the Power Station. You'll need a battery, rod, and Tesla Ball Assembly.

- Battery is found on some random barrels. Hard to explain where I was.
- The Tesla Ball assembly, used for the base, is found near the Tombstone Soda.
- The rod is found upstairs on a bench.

The three of these parts will build the Electric Trap but like the Turret you will need a Turbine to run it. Zombies will attack this, but it will also hurt you if you get too close.

Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 Air Cannon - 

You'll find this at the Town Center. It requires a jet engine, handle, light, and wires.

- Jet Engine is found in the tunnel. Click here for all secret areas locations.
- Wires have most likely already been found as they are right next to the Electric Trap parts.
- Headlight is next to the Bowie Knife in the cabin.
- Handle is in Nacht Der Untoten.

These are all in secret locations for the most part. Once again, click here and go to the bottom of the page for the locations of these secret areas.

Power Switch and Pack-a-Punch -

Both found at the Power House. Pack-a-Punch is in the Bank.
- Power Switch needs a power box, power switch, and an arm. These are all found in the Power House.
- Pack-a-Punch needs a table, battery, and head piece. These are all found in the Bank.

Navigational Table - 

You will find these parts all over the map. It's a sort of Easter Egg I believe, and helps a ton if you can get it all assembled. You need a table, Navigation Card, Card Reader, Radio, and Meteor.

- Meteor can be found at the Bus Depot. It's in the hole in the wall immediately following the 750 point open door. Head left and you'll see it in there.
- Navigation Card is also at the Bus Depot, but it's behind it. Head left out of the same door and go around. It's on the ground out here.
- The table is in the tunnel. Just keep walking and stay left. Eventually you'll be prompted to pick it up.
- Card Reader is either in the Town Center by the dumpster, or in the two-story house at the Farm near the fridge.
- Radio is either in the Garage on top of a file cabinet (jump to reach it), or it's in Nacht Der Untoten just to the right of it.

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