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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guide: 'Halo 4' Infinity Multiplayer Maps (Overhead Views and Tips)

This guide will show you an overhead view of each map found in Halo 4. As time progresses there will be weapon locations, spawn locations, tips and tricks, and hidden locales to really get the edge on your enemy.

I am creating this by hand so they may take a while. If you know of a weapon position or badass spot that isn't on a map, please let me know in the comments below. I'll immediately add it and give you credit.

In the meantime, let's own some n00bs - amirite?

Abandon Halo 4 Multiplayer Map

Weapons: Needler, Scattershot, Sniper, Saw, and Frag Grenades.
Key points: The trails surrounding the entire map are great for DMR's and Battle Rifles. Be careful of great teams swarming the HQ. You'll see this happen often, especially if they are good with jetpacks. If this happens, gather your team together and storm.
Da Woods: This is an incredible area to cover from afar. You have great access to "Ramp 1" and "Ramp 2", along with edges of HQ. If you are against a team that is camping in HQ, use this spot to keep them in there while the rest of your team charges.

Adrift Halo 4 Multiplayer Map
Starting Weapons: Needler, Scattershot, Sticky Detonator, Plasma Grenades, Frags.
Progressive Unlock: Energy Sword
Key Points: Teams tend to stick around the outer ring of HQ. Staying within the halls allows you a viewpoint to HQ, as well as easy exit to both blue and red spawn points. Watch yourself as you go up each Launch as you will oftentimes be met with a slew of grenades and melee attacks.

Complex Halo 4 Multiplayer Map
Starting Weapons: Sniper (Heli Pad), Scattershot, Rail Gun (CPU Room), Energy Sword, Frags, Spartan Laser, Plasma Grenades
Progressive Unlocks: Rockets,, Rail Gun, other Snipers
Key Points: Regardless what you may want to do in this map, every single match ends up above the CPU Room. You can climb to the very top of it via the East side of the building. Once up here, have someone patrol the door openings and simply snipe/long range your way to victory. In the terrible case where you on the other side of this, use the building to the South to get a good view. At that point it's all about distracting and using teamwork to take down the King of the CPU Room.

Exile Halo 4 Multiplayer Map

Haven Halo 4 Multiplayer Map

Longbow Halo 4 Multiplayer Map

Meltdown Halo 4 Multiplayer Map

Ragnarok Halo 4 Multiplayer Map

Solace Halo 4 Multiplayer Map

Vortex Halo 4 Multiplayer Map
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