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Thursday, November 1, 2012

'Playstation 4' Dev Kits Being Sent Out

Turns out the Playstation 4 is real after all as developer kits are now being sent out. There's also a rumor that an official announcement will be given "just before E3".

How true that is, well no one truly is. What we do know however are the following key points.
- The Playstation 4 is going to run in 1080p with full 3D equipped
- Playstation 4 is not the official name. Orbis is what the name has been during meetings.
- As of right now it's in the second stage of four, with the fourth stage being the final build.
- Hardware is focused around the AMD A10 APU series (whatever the hell that means).
- It has Blu-ray, WiFi, Ehternet, HDMI, and a 256GB standard harddrive
- We can also supposedly download updates and patches in the background. This is rumored to include Playstation Store purchases as well, as the PS button will allow navigation to any point in the system during gameplay.

No word on the 6-disc changer we have all been asking for though. Or Party Chat for that matter...
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