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Friday, November 16, 2012

Whatever You Do, Don't Buy 'Black Ops 2' For The Playstation 3

I'm by no means a console fanboy. In fact, I have roughly an equal amount of games on both consoles. However, Activision sent me a copy of Black Ops 2 for the Playstation 3 so naturally that's the version I have been playing the most.

Which is unfortunate because out of the 30 matches I have played online, my Playstation 3 has frozen 8 times. In other words, Black Ops 2 for the Playstation 3 has frozen 27 percent of the time I am playing.

It's not just my system either. This is happening all over the board. Just look up @OneOfSwords Twitter account, or really any Activision branded account for that matter. It's a huge issue that is of course being solved (no ETA on a patch yet), but it's still an issue right now.

Forums across the internet are plagued with Playstation 3 Black Ops 2 issues as well. Tons of gamers have even reported that their Playstation 3 has frozen and upon reset has forgotten how to read any discs. This can't be attributed solely to Black Ops 2 of course, but having to turn off your Playstation 3 in an improper manner isn't going to help.

The problem is that when Black Ops 2 freezes it requires you to either turn your system off or eject the disc. Oftentimes ejecting the disc will bring you back to the XMB. Other times it won't however. When you turn your PS3 off improperly it will boot back up with a System Restore option. If this were to ever sense that something went wrong your entire harddrive could be corrupted.

It's a very frightening feeling watching the status bar rise hoping that nothing has gone wrong.

As of right now if you are a Black Ops 2 fan and own both system, buying it for the Playstation 3 would be a huge mistake. Once the patch releases it's a completely different story. Outside of the freezes and horrible host migration issues it's a solid experience.

Just a simple PSA to let you know that right now you shouldn't buy Black Ops 2 for the Playstation 3 under any circumstances. Hopefully Treyarch and Activision can get this figured out sooner than later and Playstation 3 gamers don't suffer another Skyrim incident.

Update: According to Dan Amrich of Activision (@OneOfSwords), "We have submitted a patch to Sony and are working to get it live as soon as possible." At least that's something, right?

Update 11/19/2012: The problem has been fixed with the latest patch! Yay!

Sources: Forums, Twitter, Personal Experience.
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