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Sunday, January 6, 2013

10 Games You Shouldn't Expect In 2013

There are quite a few big titles being released this year. Or at least scheduled to be released. Games like Beyond: Two Souls, Grand Theft Auto V, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, The Last of Us, and Bioshock Infinite are only several out of the many scheduled.

Then there are the games that we simply shouldn't expect. The ones that while we are all marking our calendars, will most likely never be released.

The ones that keep you hoping, only to let you down over and over again.

inFAMOUS 3: Years Away

Set several years into the future, Cole McGrath has once again changed his appearance completely. Now a short, red-headed fellow, he finds himself battling the ultimate enemy - fire crotch.

Assassin's Creed 4: Christ's Sake

Set in 16 BC, you play the role of Jesus Christ - part-time carpenter, part-time assassin badass. A false biography has been written about you that will change the world forever. It's up to you to stop the author and save humanity.

Splinter Cell Black: Listed Indefinitely

Sam Fisher has never been in this situation. A recent mission took a deadly turn and now he's a fugitive of his own establishment. The ones he loved are now his enemies, as he is now one of the CIA's Most Wanted. Sam Fisher has been listed... indefinitely.

Bioshock Infinite Times Two

When two Little Sisters get into a counting war, the fighting never stops. The sequel to Bioshock Infinite Plus One, and Bioshock Infinite Plus Two. Will the bloodshed ever end?

Legend of Zelda: Link's Coming Out

With Ganondorf eliminated permanently, there's nothing in the way of a happy life for Zelda and Link. Or is there?

Killzone 4: Ever Unknown

The fighting will never end. Jason Narville understands this. Even after his epic takedown of the ISA, he knows it's a never ending battle. The only way out is to disappear. He decides one night to save the ones he loves by removing the pain he brings. Hipster glasses, a sweet mustache, skinny jeans, and a trip to Portland, Oregon is all it takes for Jason to be forever unknown.

Halo 5: Diplomatic Relations

The time for war is over. With Cortana out of the picture, Master Chief has nothing left to fight for. It's time for diplomacy. A bond is forged with the covenant through through negotiations and compromise.

Uncharted 3-2: Only One Remains

First there were three. Then two of them left. Now only one remains.

Fable: Promises Kept

The Hero of Brightwall has grown tired of his rambunctious lifestyle. While he may the King, he's by no means respected. His New Years Resolution is to finally fulfill the promises he made and give his people what they deserve.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Dimensions

Evil Russians, biological warfare, facial scars, guns, helicopters, and more beards. This is Call of Duty like you've never seen before. So real.

This was written in reply to the many "X Games We Won't Ever See in 2013" articles out there. Being that they are completely ridiculous, I went ahead and followed suit. Also, I'm bored.
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