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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Playstation Event Liveblog

2:59 PM - Peeing my pants in anticipation. Not going to change as I would miss the opening sequence.

3:03 PM - Wow Sony really knows how to do a conference. This is epic.

3:04 PM - This better be the Playstation 4 reveal. If it's not, so help me Kratos (God of War, get it?)

3:05 PM - Andrew House keeps talking about how Sony wants everything to be connected. Vita is the strongest handheld to date. Which may be true, but there are still no games for the damn thing.

3:07 PM - Playstation Mobile to phones and what-not. No one cares. Playstation 4 announcement please.

3:12 PM - Lead system architect of PS4, Mark Cerny (pronounced Sony in House's accent), is brought to the stage.

3:13 PM - PS3 connects to many different platforms, but isn't enough. The Playstation 4 will do more.

3:16 PM - Specs announced. Supercharged PC architecture, X86 CPU, enhanced gpu, and a ton of gigs.


3:17 PM - Dualshock 4 controller shown live. Looks like the images we all have already seen.

3:18 PM - Share button, headphone jack, 'Lightbar' as an easier way to identify players (most likely for Move features). Also has a camera for the Lightbar.

3:19 PM - Unreal Engine 4 shown in real-time. Looks ridiculously great. I now have a boner.

3:20 PM - 2 teraflops of something or other. I'm not a geek. Sounds like its a good thing though?

3:20 PM - Live demo showing a million tiny blue blobs floating around. Showing the power of the gpu. Attack of the Blob developers just had an orgasm.

3:21 PM - Quick look at the game Mark Cerny is working on. Titled Knack, it features a little robot that can transform to help fight the goblins.

3:24 PM - This Mark Cerny guy has some seriously creepy eyes. Perhaps the next villain in this summer's blockbuster thriller?

3:25 PM - You can suspend/resume the game by simply pressing the 'PS' button. It will also allow you to update the game while everything is still running.

3:25 PM - Downloadable games are playable while you download them.

3:25 PM - Social play is included in the game. A totally new thing to Playstation. Allows seamless uploading of gameplay. Press the 'PS' button, select your clip, and upload. Then resume playing as if nothing totally amazing just happened.

3:26 PM - You can 'Command' controllers to help your friends while watching them play live! You'll be able to watch and comment on your smartphone, tablet, and other internet-connected devices.

3:27 PM - Personalization is a key part to Playstation 4. Make the experience yours. The system will learn your likes/dislikes, which will then be used to reduce download times. It will predict what you want and give it to you quick-like.

3:28 PM - Cerny leaves the stage. Cackling menacingly and announcing Dave Perry (CEO Gaikai) to take the stage.

3:30 PM - Sorry OnLive, but you just died...

3:32 PM - Playstation Network has just been amped. Everything is much more connected. Gaikai is going to make 'free exploration possible' to nearly every game. You can hit 'Try it Now' to test the game out before you play it.

3:33 PM - "Buy only what you love" is the Gaikai way of the PSN future. Ustream and Facebook are "critical to how we stay in touch". Sounds like a combination of PSN and Raptr network. Miiverse (Wii U) taken to the extreme.

3:35 PM - 'Share' button on the Playstation controller allows you to stream live to all your friends. They can post comments, help, trash talk, and everything in between through PSN and the controller itself. Now I can show all my dumbass buddies how much better I am than them. You can become a 'Director' and even drop in useful items to help you through the level you can't seem to beat.

3:37 PM - Remote Play announced and has been built into the architecture of the Playstation 4. This is done with the Playstation Vita. Put all games on the PS4 onto the Vita. Much like what we see on the Wii U and the Gamepad.

3:38 PM - The ultimate goal is to make every game on the PS4 available on the Vita. We've all heard this crap before. Let's actually see it happen.

3:40 PM - Any Sony game is going to be placed on the network.

3:45 PM - Kind of a sad moment showing a bunch of people walking around the city with their faces in their phones. Strange how connected we've become online with such little interaction between one another in a physical aspect... /rant

3:47 PM - Fuck you lag! Here we are talking about how the PS4 is going to be seamless and we can't even get the feed to show to work without a hitch!

3:48 PM - New Killzone game announced and shown off. Looks a lot like... Killzone.

3:49 PM - Titled Killzone Shadow Fall.

3:51 PM - Okay, time to move on. Pre-rendered cutscenes aren't what I'm tuning in for Sony. Oh look, someone just got in the face. Can't wait for a Senator to walk about how this is why people kill each other.

3:53 PM - Well, doesn't look like the AI has been upgraded at all. If I were a Helghast, this fool would've been smoked by now. Literally.

3:55 PM - Watching a dude hang onto a rope while being towed behind a massive aircraft. Pretty sure that rope is made of steel as it's not moving at all. I know I'm being cynical, but this is stupid.

3:58 PM - Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Drive Club announced, the next evolution in racing games. Ten years in the making, with the name being trademarked nine years ago. This is going to be fantastic.

4:00 PM - Eff me, I have to go back to my real job now. I'll update this tonight!
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