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Monday, February 18, 2013

Police Believe Sandy Hook Shooting Was An 'Emulation' of Video Game Scenario

Adam Lanza is a dirtbag. There's nothing else to it. The guy was a mental case who needed professional help. Or perhaps some real, non-gun toting time with his mother.

While the reason behind the Sandy Hook shooting may never be realized, it's certainly not due to video games. 27 people were killed at his hand and we are still looking into the fact that he owned "thousands of dollars worth" of violent video games.

Now the police are looking into whether Adam Lanza was emulating a video game scenario while he massacred innocent kids. I've never read such bullshit in my life.

Good call police force. It's the video games that caused this. Not the guns within arms' distance, the fact that he used to shoot with his mother, his sensory integration disorder, or his Asperger's syndrome.

Nah, none of those could have been the issue here.

Source: Hartford Courtant
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