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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Playstation 4 Will Be a Black Box, Grow the F*** Up

Today's Sony event was a really big deal. Not solely due to the announcement of the Playstation 4. Not just because games like Diablo 3 and inFamous Second Son were announced. Not even as a result of Gaikai and Sony finally showing the world what their plan was all this time.

While all of those were great events that stemmed from the conference today, these aren't the reasons the event was such a big deal.

It was apparently a big deal because Sony didn't show what the Playstation 4 actually looked like. And for some odd reason, that's enough to make gamers across the world fill with rage. Here's an insider tip from a source close to Sony: it's a black rectangle. Sort of like the past two consoles they have released.

In case you were at work today during the conference (being that it was at 6PM Eastern), let me fill you in on the juicy details. Sony announced the Playstation 4 console, an incredible partnership between them and Gaikai which is really going to push the envelope of gaming, a few new big-name titles and new ip's, showed the DualShock 4 controller, and somehow managed to shift the momentum back into their favor.

At least that's what I saw. It seems a large sum of gamers saw something completely different. Or didn't see, I suppose.

Rather than being greeted with enthusiasm and elation, my Twitter feed has been slammed with absolutely negativity. Which I would completely understand if Sony didn't show anything at this event. But they did, and that's the problem. They showed exactly what gamers always ask for: games. Yet they still can't win. Here are just a few of the tweets I have read today.

Those are only a small selection of tweets out there. They are also within the first 20 that I scrolled through. The rest are advertisements.

What I truly don't understand is how people have somehow become so jaded and negative through this last console cycle that they can somehow find a reason to be upset with the announcement of a new console. Sony showed us the controller, the new social aspects, real gameplay of actual games on the launch list, a new logo, and even cross-play working seamlessly on the Vita.

Yet the only thing we can talk about is how they didn't show the actual system... dafuq? Even Major Nelson of Microsoft got in on the childish trash talk.

I'm over this bullshit. It's embarassing. The gaming population is inherently negative and it's become tiresome. It grows old to have new, exciting products announced in the industry only to immediately read about the terrible things about it.

Last time I checked, the important thing about gaming was the games. If my console was made of diamonds and unicorn horns, but played terrible games with Atari graphics I wouldn't be happy. I would however be happy if it looked like a literal pile of shit but played next-gen games that kept me entertained.

I hope Sony releases an image of the Playstation 4 and it's a giant middle finger.

Yeah, that would be awesome.

As for the gamers out there who are genuinely excited about the Playstation 4 and the earlier event, let your voices be heard in the comments below. I'd love to hear some positivity right now.
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