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Monday, March 18, 2013

Guide: 'Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate' Combinations List (Crafting)

One of the main components to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the collection and crafting of items. Nearly everything in this game can be collected and used to create different items.

You can gather items with the Bug Net, Pickaxe, Bait, and Harpoon. It's all about exploring and crafting if you want to get ahead.

Here's the complete list for your exploration needs:

Adamant Pill Immunizer, Adamant Seed
Advanced Armor Sphere   Carbalite Ore, Armor Stone
Advanced Armor Sphere   Firestone, Armor Stone
Air Philter Catalyst + Airweed
Allfire Stone Allfire Stone, Slickaxe
Ancient Potion    Immunizer, Kelbi Horn
Antidote Antidote Herb, Blue Mushroom
Antidote Horn Field Horn, Antiseptic Stone
Antiseptic Stone Earth Crystal, Bitterbug
Armor Horn Mega Armorskin, Monster Bone M
Armor S Bone Husk L, Adamant Seed
Armor Sphere Machalite Ore, Armor Stone
Armor Sphere Armor Stone, Killer Beetle
Armor Sphere+ Dragonite Ore, Armor Stone
Armor Sphere+ Armor Stone, Rare Scarab
Armorskin Catalyst, Adamant Seed
Armortalon Armorcharm, Deviljho Talon
Barrel Bomb L Gunpowder, Large Barrel
Barrel Bomb L+ Barrel Bomb L, Scatterfish
Barrel Bomb S   Small Barrel, Fire Herb
Barrel Bomb S+ Barrel Bomb S, Burst Arowana
Bathycite Ore   Bathycite Ore, Slickaxe
Bomb Casing Sap Plant, Stone
Bomb Casing Sap Plant, Iron Ore
Boomerang Whetstone, Monster Bone S
Bounce Bomb Barrel Bomb S, Bnahabra Wing
Bounce Bomb+ Bounce Bomb, Bomb Arowana
Bug Net Net, Monster Bone S
Burst Bait Mega Fishing Fly, Stinkhopper
Carbalite Ore         Carbalite Ore, Slickaxe
Carpenterbug Carpenterbug, Slickaxe
Chilled Meat Well Done Steak, Ice Crystal
Cleanser Catalyst, Popfish
Cleanser Hot Pepper Burst, Arowana
Close Range Coating Empty Phial, Whetfish
Clust S Level 1 Huskberry, Bomberry
Clust S Level 2 Bone Husk S, Wyvern Claw
Clust S Level 3 Bone Husk L, Scatterfish
Cool Drink Ice Crystal, Bitterbug
Crag S Level 1 Huskberry, Burst Arowana
Crag S Level 2 Bone Husk S, Burst Arowana
Crag S Level 3 Bone Husk L, Scatterfish
Crested Crown Incomplete, Crown Royal Crest
Dash Juice Catalyst, Rare Steak
Dazzling Crown Incomplete Crown, Crown's Gemstone
Demon Horn Mega Demondrug, Monster Bone M
Demon S         Bone Husk L, Might Seed
Demondrug Catalyst, Might Seed
Deodorant Bomb Casing, Bitterbug
Dragon S Bone Husk L, Dragonfell Berry
Dragonbone Relic Dragonbone Relic, Slickaxe
Dragonite Ore Dragonite Ore, Slickaxe
Drugged Meat Raw Meat, Sleep Herb
Dung Bomb Bomb Casing, Dung
Dung Bomb Dung, Bomb Sac
Dust of Life Lifepowder, Gloamgrass Bug
Earth Crystal Earth Crystal, Slickaxe
Elder Dragonbone    Elder Dragonbone, Slickaxe
Eltalite Ore            Eltalite Ore, Slickaxe
Emperor Hopper Emperor Hopper, Slickaxe
Empty Phial         Bone Husk S, Whetstone
Energy Drink   Honey, Nitroshroom
Energy Drink         Hot Pepper, Sleepyfish
Exhaust Coating Empty Phial, Wanchovy
Exhaust Level 1 Dung, Huskberry
Exhaust Level 2 Bone Husk S, Wanchovy
Farcaster Bomb Casing, Exciteshroom
Felvine Bomb Barrel Bomb S, Felvine
Firecell Stone Firecell Stone, Slickaxe
Firestone Firestone, Slickaxe
Fishing Harpoon Broken Shell, Mystery Bone
Flaming S Huskberry, Fire Herb
Flash Bomb Bomb Casing, Flashbug
Flutterfly Flutterfly, Slickaxe
Freeze S Huskberry, Ice Crystal
Fucium Ore Fucium, Ore Slickaxe
Goldenfish Bait Mega Fishing Fly, Snakebee Larva
Gunpowder Fire Herb, Nitroshroom
Hard Armor Sphere Gracium, Armor Stone
Hard Armor Sphere Armor Stone, King Scarab
Health Horn Lifecrystal, Field Horn
Heavy Armor Sphere Eltalite Ore, Armor Stone
Heavy Armor Sphere Armor Stone, Emperor Hopper
Herbal Medicine Cactus Flower, Bitterbug
Hercudrome Hercudrome, Slickaxe
Hot Drink Hot Pepper, Bitterbug
Hot Meat Well Done Steak, Hot Pepper
Immunizer Catalyst Dragon, Toadstool
Iron Ore   Iron Ore, Slickaxe
Iron Pickaxe Iron Ore, Bone
Killer Beetle Killer Beetle, Slickaxe
King Scarab King Scarab, Slickaxe
Lifecrystal Godbug, Wyvern Fang
Lifepowder Lifecrystal, Wyvern Claw
Lightcrystal Lightcrystal, Slickaxe
Machalite Ore Machalite, Ore Slickaxe
Max Potion Mega Nutrients, Dragon Toadstool
Mega Armorskin Armorskin, Pale Extract
Mega Dash Juice Well Done Steak, Dash Extract
Mega Demondrug Demondrug, Pale Extract
Mega Nutrients Nutrients, Honey
Mega Pickaxe Machalite, Ore Bone
Mega Potion Potion, Honey
Meldspar Ore  Meldspare Ore, Slickaxe
Might Pill Immunizer, Might Seed
Monster Bone+ Monster Bone, Slickaxe
Monster Hardbone Monster Hardbone, Slickaxe
Monster Keenbone Monster Keenbone, Slickaxe
Monster Slogbone Monster Slogbone, Slickaxe
Net Spider             Web,                 Ivy
Normal S Level 2 Huskberry, Needleberry
Normal S Level 3 Huskberry, Popfish
Nutrients Blue Mushroom, Godbug
Old Bug Net Net, Mystery Bone
Old Pickaxe Stone, Bone
Old Pickaxe Stone, Mystery Bone
Oxygen Supply Bomb Casing, Airweed
Paint Coating Empty Phial, Paint Berry
Paint S Huskberry, Paint Berry
Paintball Sap Plant, Paint Berry
Para S Level 1 Huskberry, Parashroom
Para S Level 2 Bone Husk S, Parashroom
Paralysing Coating Empty Phial, Parashroom
Paralysis Knife Throwing Knife, Parashroom
Pelagicite Ore         Pelagicite Ore, Slickaxe
Pellet S Level 1 Huskberry, Scatternut
Pellet S Level 2 Huskberry, Wyvern Fang
Pellet S Level 3 Bone Husk S, Wyvern Fang
Pierce S Level 1 Huskberry Bird, Wyvern Fang
Pierce S Level 2 Huskberry Pin, Tuna
Pierce S Level 3 Bone Husk S Pin, Tuna
Pitfall Trap Net, Trap Tool
Poison Coating Empty Phial, Toadstool
Poison Knife Throwing Knife, Toadstool
Poison S Level 1 Huskberry, Toadstool
Poison S Level 2 Bone Husk S, Toadstool
Poison Smoke Bomb Bomb Casing, Toadstool
Poison Smoke Bomb Bomb Casing, Poison Sac
Poisoned Meat Ray Meat, Toadstool
Potion Herb Blue, Mushroom
Power Coating Empty Phial, Nitroshroom
Powertalon Powercharm, Deviljho Talon
Purecrystal Purecrystal, Slickaxe
Rare Scarab Rare Scarab, Slickaxe
Realmless Crown Dazzling Crown, Royal Crest
Realmless Crown Crown's Gemstone, Crested Crown
Recovery S Level 1 Huskberry, Herb
Recovery S Level 2 Potion, Huskberry
Shock Trap Trap Tool, Thunderbug
Sleep Coating Empty Phial, Sleep Herb
Sleep Knife Throwing Knife, Sleep Herb
Sleep S Level 1 Huskberry, Sleep Herb
Sleep S Level 2 Bone Husk S, Sleepyfish
Slicing S Bone Husk S, Whetfish
Slime Coating Empty Phial, Bomb Arowana
Slime S Huskberry Bomb, Arowana
Smoke Bomb Bomb Casing, Ivy
Sonic Bomb Gunpowder, Screamer
Sub S Level 1 Huskberry, Sharpened Fang
Sub S Level 2 Bone Husk S, Sharpened Fang
Sushifish Bait Mega Fishing Fly, Yambug
Thunder S Huskberry, Flashbug
Tinged Meat Raw Meat, Papashroom
Tranquilizer Sleep Herb, Parashroom
Tranquilizer Bomb Tranquilizer, Bone Husk S
Tranquilizer Knife Tranquilizer, Throwing Knife
Tranquilizer S Tranquilizer, Bone Husk S
Tru Armor Sphere Meldspare Ore, Armor Stone
Tru Armor Sphere Armor Stone, Flutterfly
Tuna Bait Worm, Yambug
Water S Huskberry, Whetfish
Whetfish Bait Mega Fishing Fly, Bughopper
Wyvernfire Bone Husk L, Burst Arowana
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