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Thursday, June 20, 2013

#PS4 vs #XboxOne - Negativity Aside, Here's the Specs

Image credit Techradar
To say that the Microsoft and Sony have been duking it out these past few weeks is a severe understatement. It's clear who the rivals are in the console race, and they are coming out swinging.

With Microsoft now reversing its policies with the Xbox One, it's time to do a true comparison of both upcoming systems. This is a completely unbiased comparison, void of any negativity.

Simply the facts in order for you to compare and help make your future purchasing decision. Obviously the Xbox One will be in green highlights, with the Playstation 4 being in blue.


4K resolution and 7.1 surround
4K resolution and 7.1 surround

1.23 TFLOPS of peak power (estimated)
1.84 TFLOPS of peak power (estimated)

8 GB DDR3 RAM with 68.3 GB/s memory bandwidth
8 GB DDR5 RAM with 176 G/s memory bandwidth

500 GB HDD, not replaceable or removable
500 GB HDD, both replaceable and removable

AMD Radeon-based GPU with 12 compute units (768 cores)
AMD Radeon-based GPU with 18 compute units (1152 cores)

Blu-ray and DVD
Blu-ray and DVD

802.11n wireless and WiFi Direct
802.11b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth 2.1

2x USB 3.0, HDMI in and HDMI out, optical out, AUX, IR, and Ethernet
2x USB 3.0, HDMI out, optical, AUX, Ethernet


New and improved X360 Controller
New and improved Dualshock Controller

Improved headphone jack
Headphone jack and mono speaker

Integrated technology and LED's communicate with Kinect
LED light bar identifies controller, sees game info, share button in order to share your gameplay
clickable touchpad

Haptic feedback-enabled triggers
Haptic feedback-enabled controller (entirety)


Xbox Live Gold required to play, $60 a year
PS+ required to play, $50 a year

Allows sales of used games, publisher can block
Allows sales of used games, publisher can block

Kinect must remain connected, can disable it in settings though
PS Eye is not required

Share games as you please
Share games as you please

No online checks
No online checks

No region lock
No region lock

Live TV integration
Social network integration partnership
Ustream partnership

Download games the day of release
Download games the day of release

PS+ benefits such as free games, streaming classics through Gaikai

Xbox Live needed for media apps
No requirement of PS+ for media apps

Kinect console control (voice, movements)


15 exclusives in first year
20 exclusives in first year

Indie devs can't self-publish
Indie devs can self-publish

No backwards compatibility
No backwards compatibility, can stream through Gaikai though

Smartglass for second screen functionality
Remote play required on PS Vita



November 2013
November 2013

Kinect included and required
PS Eye not included, not required

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