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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guide: 'Dragon's Crown' Quests

Each 'Quest' you complete in Dragon's Crown gives you experience and gold, along with unlocking a piece of in-game art. While you may start off with only a few quests, you unlock more as you complete them.

I have completed quite a few at this point and am trying to get through them all. There are several with unclear directives, to which I have made a video to help. It's also important to understand that Quests do not share between characters. You'll need to beat them all with one character to unlock all the bonuses for said character.

Other than that it's simple written explanation. Enjoy and Happy Questing!

Living Fossil
Look for a young great sea serpent in the shallow waters of Ghost Ship Cove
You have to choose the "B" path and fight the Kraken. Only don't beat him. Instead, let the cave collapse and you'll see a fish near the exit. Click the fish to finish this Quest!!!

Cyclops Problems
At Wallace's Underground Labyrinth, close the door to the cyclopes' prison alone
Unjoinable, go beat 'em up!

Looks Can Kill
At Ancient Temple Ruins, challenge Medusa alone and defeat her
Need to make sure you are unjoinable and just go beat the hell out of her. Literally.

Submerged Memories
At Lost Woods, steer a small boat into the vortex
Instead of dodging all the whirlpools, simply drift into them. Eventually your boat will collapse and this Quest will be over.

Magic Carpet Secrets
At Mage's Tower, look for a tool used in magic carpet construction
There's a wooden wheel in the back right corner of the magic carpet room ('B' path). It's the room you end up in after flying the carpet around. Click on it to make it spin and beat this Quest.

A Monk's Struggle
At Forgotten Sanctuary, destroy the false god statue
Once again this is done in the "B" path only. Instead of stepping on the magical sphere thing, click on the statue to the right of it. Once you have clicked you can break it.

At Forgotten Sanctuary in the room with the blue door, show "death" with the runes to obtain information
This can only be done on the "B" path. You'll see a blue door with a 'K' on it. You need to use the Runes to spell "TSK" (The Skeleton Key). Once inside, spell "DIE" and a treasure chest appears. Open this chest to beat this Quest.

Crystal Collection
Obtain 20 amethysts from the crystal outcropping
These are found by smashing the crystals in the Lost Woods. The only way to get to the Crystals is by taking the 'A' path and making it through the river without being destroyed.

Search and Resurrection
Resurrect 30 sets of bones at the Canaan Temple
Easy. Just collect at least 30 sets of bones throughout your gameplay and Resurrect them.

Harpy Problems
Investigate Ancient Temple Ruins alone and defeat the harpy
In order to do this you'll have to head to the Tavern and make it so that no one can join you. Once you have done this, head to the Ancient Temple Ruins and beat the boss. 

Soul Gazing
At Lost Woods, equip the urn and defeat the gazer alone
Same as Harpy Problems. Make yourself unjoinable and beat the boss.

Save the Seamstress
At Castle of the Dead: Catacombs, save the girls and protect them from the vampires
While pushing through this level you'll open a few doors with bound up girls in side them. Once you unbind them all, head to the boss. In here you need to make sure to kill all the vampires before they kill the girls.

Doom Cocoons
At Wallace's Underground Labyrinth, smash 5 doom beetle cocoons
The doom beetle cocoons rise up during the Doom Beetle boss battle. They spawn from the larva that fall. You need to simply destroy them before they hatch into full blown Doom Beetles.

Harpy Adoption
At Ancient Temple Ruins, defeat the harpy without destroying the nest
The nest is in the middle of the boss battle. The only way I was able to get this one done is to make myself unjoinable and lure the harpy to the very edge of the screen (I went to the far left). Once here, beat the hell out of it. Just make sure you don't break any piece of its precious nest.

Draconic History
Investigate the room behind the wall painting with Ancient Temple Ruins
The wall painting needs to be broken to gain access. You won't be able to do this until you click on the painting. The narrator will mention how it seems like it can break. Start smashing around near it until the wall crumbles and you can walk in.

Reclamation of Honor
At Bilbaron Subterraneon Fortress, open the treasure chests without waking the sleeping orcs
In the second room you open with orcs inside, simply head over the chest and open it without waking them up. You wake them up by hitting them. 

Delicacy Delivery
Collect 10 spores from the myconids
The myconids are the brightly colored mushrooms in the back of a few stages in Wallace's Underground Labyrinth. You need to hit them to make them drop the myconids. Collect all 10!

Kill 10 enemies while riding atop a dragonlisk or sabertooth
You can ride either of these beasts in multiple levels. Knock one out, hop on board, and start your rampage.

Help the Honey Buzzards
At Ancient Temple Ruins, destroy the orcs' cargo found at the harbor
The harbor is found behind the first door you can open. Just smash the cargo there and you'll unlock this one.

Lima Ray's Resurrection
Snuff the candles in the room with the magic circle at Wallace's Underground Labyrinth and search the statue of the false god
This can only be done by taking the 'B' path. It's the first door you can open. You'll see a circle of candles that you need to simply hit to put out. Now notice the skeleton statue in the background? Move your cursor to those and press it. The statue will crumble and put those candles out as well. You can also click the ones on the ground but this takes a bit longer.

The Owlbear Menace
Slay 10 owlbears
Owlbears are found in forested areas. They are literally bears with owl faces. Bash them in their owl faces to beat this Quest. Most found in 'Lost Woods', 'B' path.

Reacquire Research
In a lab of Wallace's Underground Labyrinth, step on the floor switches in the proper order to open the chest
You no doubt found this room before you had the quest and walked on the switches hoping you could figure it out. You also most likely couldn't. Once you unlock this Quest you'll be told to step on the switches in this order: red, yellow, navy, purple. Boom.

Rite of Passage
Wear the Amazon's ritual armor and slay 50 orcs
Accept this quest and you'll be given the ritual armor. Equip it and kill 50 orcs. You'll need this equipped for quite a while as there are no levels with this many orcs. It accumulates over time, though most of them can be found in Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress, 'B' path.

A Midsummer Day's Request
Free 10 fairies trapped in cages in various locations
Simple. Smash the cages that fairies are trapped in throughout your adventures. 10 of them.

Hunt for the Forbidden Text
At Mage's Tower, search the bookcase of the official and knock to open the library

You'll end up in a library with a white sign that has a red arrow on it. If you click on this sign it will tell you that you can only rent three books at a time. Click on the bookcase three times and then hit it. You'll open the hidden area and go inside.

Dead Master's Party
At Castle of the Dead: Catacombs, turn three times clockwise in front of the ghost and dance
You'll come to a room with a bunch of ghosts. Simply turn clockwise thrice and you'll unlock this one.

Morgan's Web
Slay giant spiders and gather 5 strands of spider silk
Giant spiders are found through your adventures. Hit them and collect their silk. Best found in Castle of the Dead: Catacombs, 'A' path.

Ship Sleuthing
Search for clues aboard the famed Elliot at Ghost Ship Cove
There's a door you have to unlock that puts you on the deck of a ship. Click on the sign to the right of the door to unlock this one. You really can't miss this one if you take the 'A' path as it forces you to go into the room and onto the deck of the boat. 

Must Love Hellhounds
Withstand 5 attacks from a hellhound
Head to 'Forgotten Sanctuary' and just get hit by a hellhound 5 times. This is easiest if you are alone as your teammates tend to kill/attack them before they get a chance to hit you. This one is so stupid.

Henritta's Automatic Doll
On the first floor of Mage's Tower, deflect magic with a giant shield and look for a doll in the opened room.

When you first enter the Mage's Tower you need to knock one of the giant shields off the back wall. Pick one up and aim at one of the enemy Mage's. You'll reflect some magic and open a hidden door to the right. Go inside.

Forest Clearing
At Lost Woods, destroy 30 wood golems
Go to the Lost Woods and destroy the wood golems. They are the trees that walk around. Oddly powerful, even against fire.

Kill Killer Fish
Slay 10 killer fish
Killer fish can be found in water. The best spot to get this Quest completed is in the Lost Woods, 'A' path. They jump out of the water and attack your boat. Hit them to split them in half before they crash onto the deck of your boat.

Flying Fortress Blueprints
Find the treasure chest hidden in Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress that contains the blueprint
This treasure chest is found in the room that only opens up if you blow it up with a bomb. It's almost immediately at the beginning of this level, just after the caged up raptor. 'A' path only.

Best of the Dead
Defeat 5 dark skeleton swordsmen wights
The dark skeleton swordsmen wights are the skeletons that are lit up with a bright blue tint. Kill 5 of them. They are best found in Castle of the Dead: Catacombs, either path A or B. There's also quite a few during the final boss battle.

Open Sesame
Open the stone entrance somewhere in Ghost Ship Cove with rune magic

You need to open this with the rune "Open the Sesame" - OTS. It's right before the docks.

Steal Wyvern Eggs
At Old Capital, collect 12 eggs dropped by female wyverns
Female wyverns show up during the boss battle. Kill them and they will drop their eggs. Just make sure not to kill the main wyvern before you complete this quest or you'll have to do it again.

Rescue the Children
At Bilbaron Subterraneon Fortress, defeat the minotaur within two minutes
This is easiest done with a full team, or by leveling up into 'Hard' mode and degrading back to 'Normal'.

Release the Genie
At Ghost Ship Cove, use the magic lamp to call the genie 3 times
During this fight you can grab the magic lamp before the pirates and use it to your advantage. Calling the genie makes this fight so easy it's laughable. Perfect way to beat the boss even on the hardest modes.

Decipher Golem Runes
At Forgotten Sanctuary, destroy the enemy golem without activating runes

At the beginning of this boss battle you are supposed to use runes to activate your own golem. This battle is ridiculously difficult in the earlier levels if you don't use said golem. Once you reach level 50 or so, and team up with a great group you can take this boss down without help from the runes.

Peer into the Past
At Mage's Tower, defeat the warlock leader of the underground organization alone
Make yourself unjoinable and go beat him up.

Crush Hydeland's Enemies
Defeat 10 gladiators
Gladiators are the giant armored enemies throughout. You can find them a'plenty in the Lost Woods, 'B' path, though they are randomly found in other 'B' paths as well.

Mysterious Whispers
Investigate the hidden room at Old Capital and obtain the treasure
This one is fairly tough to explain, so expect a video soon. You have to click on a piece of the wall that is two sections after a side door you can access. The narrator will then tell you there's a voice coming from behind it. Break open that wall and you can complete this Quest. 

Church Cover-up
At Castle of the Dead: Catacombs, defeat all vampires within two minutes
Once again this is done easily with a full group, or by degrading to a lower level (Normal) being that you are much stronger this way.

Note: There are 50 total quests, updating as quick as possible!
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