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Thursday, September 26, 2013

#GTAV Mount Chiliad Mystery is... Mysterious (Spoilers, Kind of)

There's a lot more to Grand Theft Auto V then simply driving around, punching people in the face, and going to the strip club.

One of those many other things is trying to figure out what the hell is going on with this Mt. Chiliad image (shown below).

It's been driving me crazy for the last few days, digging into forums and staying up way too late.

I'd like your help before I lose my mind.


So what is it? It's a mural on the top of Mount Chiliad depicting what looks to be a glowing saucer of sorts, a UFO, an egg, and a guy with a jetpack. Outside of the outline there appears to be lightning bolts, as if something is triggered with a storm.

Which, there sort of is. Slight spoiler here, once you are at 100% completion you can go to the top of Mt. Chiliad during a storm and a UFO will appear. Granted this works just as well if it's a clear night at exactly 3 am, but that's not the point. Clearly a UFO is at the top of this map, surrounded by lightning bolts.

If we go off that logic, then what we are looking at is a side-cut view of Mt. Chiliad itself. On the top is the storm summoned UFO. So what is the rest of it?

Are those secret tunnels leading to another UFO, an egg (dinosaur maybe?), and a Jetpack? 

Or, is it more like this image:
Image courtesy of Google. If this is yours, let us know!

Which, rather than a side-cut of Mt. Chiliad, is the mural placed over the map of GTA V. This would suggest that the hidden objects are located around the map, rather than inside of the mountain itself.

So far there have been four UFO's found, which you can find on YouTube. There's one on top of Mt. Chiliad, another near Fort Zancudo, one at a monument in Sandy Shores (northeast), and the fourth hidden at the bottom of the ocean. Clearly UFO's are in the picture, and Rockstar is trying to show us something.

Then things get even more strange if you flip the Collector's Edition map over with a blacklight, there's more clues.

There are a ton of clues here. Everything from more aliens to random hidden treasures. But does any of this help with the secret of Mt. Chiliad?

If you ask me, there are tunnels hidden somewhere on the mountain. It looks more like a side-cut of the mountain than an image you need to overlay on the map. I'm most likely incorrect and will later eat crow, but until then that's where I'll be searching.

Have you found anything? I'd love to hear what everyone has to say!
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