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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guide: Grand Theft Auto V - All 50 Letter Scraps Locations

There are 50 Letter Scraps scattered around. They are the second half of the 100 collectibles (Spaceship Parts are the other, click here for their locations).

Use the map below to help you find them all and 100% Grand Theft Auto V!

1. Terminal off Buccaneer Way in Port of South Los Santos

2. Grove Street in South Los Santos

3. Elysian Island, Port of South Los Santos

4. Bar rooftop in Los Santos International Airport

5. Underground entrance in Los Santos International Airport

6. Inside dumpster in parking lot of Mega Mall in South Los Santos

7. Vespucci Beach, inside dry pool

8. Canal Tunnel in Vespucci

9. Pearl's Balcony in East Los Santos 

10. Back Lot City (movie studio)

11. Graveyard in Pacific Bluffs

12. Hotel pool bar in Pacific Bluffs

13. On the corner of Eastbourne and Spanish Avenue in Vinewood - BBQ Pit

14. Tongva Valley, Highway 11

15. Lake Vinewood Estate

16. Mountain trail overlooking Vinewood Hills, look for Orange stand

17. Just south of Fort Zancudo outside of Lago Zancudo

18. Great Chapparal

19. Route 69 bridge over Lago Zancudo

20. Bail Bond farm in Great Chapparal

21. Graveyard in Great Chaparral

22. In Harmony, on top of the chipping mill

23. North Chumash, on the overlook of Cassidy Creek

24. Millar's Fishery

25. Altruist Cult Camp

26. Lumber Yard in Paleto Forest

27. Cable on top of Mount Chiliad

28. Inside a beach house in Paleto Bay. It's near Procopio Drive.

29. Abandoned house in the middle of Paleto Bay 

30. Rest Stop

31. Hobo camp

32. Main Street (Grapeseed)
I unfortunately grabbed this one before making this guide and failed to screenshot it. It's in the second covered row of plants. I'll upload a screen later of the location sans letter.

33. El Gordo Lighthouse

34. Northern shore of Alamo Sea

35. Abandoned Motel
In the dry pool. I grabbed this one before making the guide and failed to take a screenshot. Sorry.

36. Airstrip in Grand Senora Desert, on top of rock formation to the south

37. Lagoon cave

38. Redwood Lights Track in Harmony

39. Island

40. On the 'Vinewood' sign, above the 'I'

41. Vinewood Racetrack bleachers (middle set)

42. Flood control dam

43. On the corner of Power Street and Hawick Avenue, inside the skate half-pipe

44. On the corner of Occupation Avenue and Power Street

45. Island, east side behind some bushes. Look for the tall trees in the background for reference.

46. Vespucci Boulevard, on bridge inside archway

47. Crane on the corner of Vespucci Boulevard and Power Street

48. El Burro Heights in Murrieta Oil Fields, inside scrapyard bus

49. Cypress Flats, train tunnel

50. Kortz Center

Video Guide is separate and does not sync with numbers on the map. Thanks to XCVii007r1 for making this video!

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