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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guide: Grand Theft Auto V - All Stunt Jump Locations

If you play Grand Theft Auto V anything like myself, your first mission is going to be to find every stunt jump.

I've gone ahead and mapped them all out for you, that way the annoying part is out of the way. All that's left is to use the map below, head to the location, and watch yourself fly through the air.

1. Port of Los Santos Jump 1
2. Port of Los Santos Jump 2
3. Port of Los Santos Jump 3
4. Port of Los Santos Jump 4
5. Port of Los Santos Jump 5
6. Port of Los Santos Jump 6
7. Port of Los Santos Jump 7

8. Buccaneer Way
You'll need to clear all 3 lanes of the Buccaneer Highway. Start at the shipping containers and head east. Go up the rock pile and jump the freeway here. You'll go over some railroad tracks, and then jump. You need to clear all three lanes.

9. Terminal in Port of Los Santos
10. Elysian Rock Pile

11. South Los Santos Garage
Enter the garage behind the towing impound lot. Plywood ramp can be found on the roof.

12. El Burro Scrapyard
13. Multi-Story Garage

14. Boat Shop Sprunk Ramp
Bright green ramp is in boat lot at the Get Aweigh Watersports Store. 

15. Pillbox Overpass
Drive off the broken freeway. All you have to do is land anywhere for this to count.

16. Freeway to Drain

17. Pillbox Hill Stairs
We recommend a motorcycle on this one. Start on the sidewalk on the west side of El Jin Avenue. Shoot the gap between the medical center and the building on the right. You need to aim for the gap in the stair rail.

18. Del Perro Freeway Overpass
Past broken rail on Alta Street Overpass.

19. Rockford Plaza
Through broken guard rail at Rockford Plaza.
20. Wind Farm

21. Under the Overpass
South on Senora Freeway. When you see the wind farm, the ramp is on the left.

22. Prison Jump
Between Interstate 13 and Senora Road, jump is north of the hill here. South of the prison. 

23. Sandy Shores Landing Strip
24. Sandy Shores Motel

25. El Gordo Lighthouse
East along the driveway to the right of the veranda. Go off the end of the rock ramp.

26. Construction Site
Big dirt pile at the construction site. It's off Paledo Blvd. 

27. Paleto Bay
Broken bridge on Procopio Promenade.

28. North Calafia Way
Rock ramp south of North Calafia Way. 

29. Raton Pass
Rock jump off dirt road in Raton Canyon.

30. Vinewood Hills
Head up the mountain here. Now face east. You're going to drive down a valley until you hit a dirt jump that propels you over the two-lane highway. You'll land in a valley just beyond.

31. Rockford Hills Arcade
32. Rockford Hills Subway

33. Into Richman
Richman street metal ramp. Cliff barricade at dirt road's end.

34. Golf Course
35. The Jetty

36. Across Freeway

37. Equality Way
Overpass off Red Desert avenue.

38. Over Peaceful Street
Collapsed billboard on parking garage rooftop.

39. Palamino Avenue

40. Little Seoul
Sheet metal jump off of a sand pile. At the La Puerta Freeway offramp. 

41. La Puerta Slip
42. La Puerta Drain Jump 1
43. La Puerta Drain Jump 2
44. La Puerta Freeway Switch
45. Airport Jump 1
46. Airport Jump 2
47. Airport Jump 3

48. Through Parking Garage
Garage ramp on Eljin Avenue.

49. Dockyard River

50. Pagoda
Intersection of Vespucci Blvd. and Decker Street. Ramp is on the east side.

All 50 Locations Video:
Thanks to PowerPyx for uploading this!
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