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Thursday, September 19, 2013

List and Locations of Super Cars in Grand Theft Auto V

Among the nicest of Sports cars lies the Super ones. These vehicles possess power unlike anything we've seen on Earth.

Hench the 'Super' added onto the name.

Now let's find the sonsofbitches.

Truffade Adder (Bugatti)
This car is found just south of Michae's house, in between in and the Ammunation symbol on the map.

Vapid Bullet
I see these all the time near Michael's house. They aren't rare. Most of them I see are red, never seen the color shown below though.

Grotti Cheetah

Overflod Entity XF

Pegassi Infernus
I found this parked by the curb at the location below. South of Michael's house a bit. I literally jumped out of my chair when it was there. Let me know if it's there for you, as now that I've found it once it spawns there every time.

Pegassi Vacca
The only spot I have found one of these sexy beasts is during one of the final missions. You have to drive to Michael's house in this mission (no spoilers) and you'll see one parked behind a limo outside. Once I had this I drove to the garage and now I see them fairly frequently!

Coil Voltic
You see these all around the city, especially in the more wealthy neighborhoods (those seem to be northwest).
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