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Friday, October 11, 2013

$500 Million Coming to #GTAOnline Players via @Rockstar Stimulus Package

If you played Grand Theft Auto Online at all during the month of October you have $500 million coming your way. In GTA$ of course.

According to Rockstar, "Given some of the recent technical issues during these first days of GTA Online, and now that things are starting to look much smoother (touch wood!), we are planning to provide a special stimulus package for all who have played or will play Grand Theft Auto Online this month. We will be dropping a cool half a million GTA$ in the GTA Online bank accounts of all players this month, starting as early as next week."

It will come in two installments of $250 million, one by the end of next week and the other by (hopefully) the end of this month. My recommendation with that money? Buy the apartments in the 200k range, not the 400k. The interior is the same and the 10-car garage is the only piece that's worth it.
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