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Friday, October 11, 2013

Guide: #PokemonXY Breeding - Individual Values, Effort Values, and Super Training

A major piece to the Pokemon puzzle is breeding. Every Pokemon has their own stats that can be passed on through breeding. If you do it correctly you'll end up with the strongest Pokemon possible.

So let's help each other figure this out.

Below is everything I know so far.

Individual Values
IV's are hidden stats that every Pokemon has. These Individual Values will show you how high a specific stat can become (scale of 0-31). Thing is they are completely random. Luckily our friends over at have a handy-dandy calculator so you can figure the values out.

Keep in mind it's best to do this the moment you capture your new Pokemon as to not have any change in original stats.

These IV's are then used to determine the Type of your Pokemon's 'Hidden Power'. In recent games there has been a character that tells you what your Hidden Power is. Once it is found in X and Y I will update this page.

Once you find your IV's and have noticed that one stat is particularly strong it's time to breed. You simply need to give a special item to the parent of the Pokemon in order to pass down the stats. They are as follows:

- Power Ankley is for Speed IV's
- Power Band is for Special Defense IV's
- Power Lens is for Special Attack IV's
- Power Belt is for Defense IV's
- Power Bracer is for Attack IV's
- Power Weight is for HP IV's

Pokemon Characteristics
So you have yourself a shiny new Pokemon and head to the summary screen. Notice a little saying? Perhaps something like, 'Like to Relax'? Good - these mean something in terms of characteristics.

- Loves to Eat
- Often Dozes Off
- Scatters Things Often
- Often Scatters Things
- Likes to Relax

- Proud of its Power
- Likes to Thrash About
- A Little Quick Tempered
- Likes to Fight
- Quick Tempered

- Sturdy Body
- Capable of Taking Hits
- Highly Persistent
- Good Endurance
- Good Perseverance
- Keen Eye

Special Defense
- Strong Willed
- Somewhat Vain
- Strongly Defiant
- Hates to Lose
- Somewhat Stubborn

Special Attack
- Highly Curious
- Mischievous
- Thoroughly Cunning
- Often Lost in Thought
- Very Finicky

- Likes to Run
- Alert to Sounds
- Impetuous and Silly
- Somewhat of a Clown
- Quick to Flee

Effort Values
In Pokemon X/Y you can use the 'Effort-O-Meter' to figure out the hidden Effort Values in your Pokemon. These Effort Values are only earned through battles or certain items. They are then used to make each Pokemon stronger while training.

If you want to gain stat points you'll have to earn EV's in all six individual stats. You need four of these EV points to increase the stat by one. Each Pokemon that you defeat grants you anywhere from 1-3 EV's, making your Pokemon that much stronger.

Let's say you have a level 10 stat and want to make it to level 12. You'll need 8 EV points, so anyqhere from 3 to 8 battles should get you there.

If you don't want to fight your way to the top you can always purchase Nutrient Drinks for $9800. EAch of these will add 10 EV's to the specific category. You can also gain extra EV points by wearing certain items, much like IV's:

Power Anklet - Speed
Power Band - Special Defense
Power Lens - Special Attack
Power Belt - Defense
Power Bracer - Attack
Power Weight - HP

Pokerus (PKRS)
If you notice this on the stats screen, congratulations! You've contracted the Pokerus virus. A rare virus tat grants you Effort Values twice as quickly. It's only contagious for a few days so if you see it make sure to keep your infected Pokemon around your non-infected ones to make sure they catch it.

Super Training
Right now you Pokemon vets are thinking, "Super Training? WTF are you talking about?!". And you'd be correct in thinking that as Super Training is new to Pokemon X/Y. It's a new system that uses the 3DS' touch screen to train your Pokemon.

When you choose to do this a mini-game will appear and training your Pokemon is done by completing said game. The base stats increase while their level remains the same, making them even more powerful than before.

You can also 'Core Train' by completing Super Training regiments. These unlock regiment bags that also increase your Pokemon's stats.

More information coming as soon as I figure it out all out or once you all start leaving some sexy comments!

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