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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just the Tip(s) - #PokemonXY: Become the Greatest Pokemon Trainer Ever

In the second installment of 'Just the Tip(s)' I'll be giving you five important steps if you want to be a successful Pokemon Trainer.

While Pokemon X and Y may seem like simple JRPG's on the surface they are far from it. The Pokemon games have to be some of the most deep games available. It's all about knowing the tricks of the trade if you really want to uncover the complexity within.

1. Trade often for Boosted XP
If you trade a Pokemon with a friend, that Pokemon will now gain 'Boosted XP'. It's a 1.5x boost and absolutely worth it. For example, let's say that you and your buddy both plan on using Charmander as your main. Trade to each other for Boosted XP. Keep in mind you don't have to trade same Pokes, so communicate with each other.

It's absolutely worth it.

2. Play to your Pokemon's Strengths
Each Pokemon you capture will be strongest in one of six categories: Attack, Speed, Defense, HP, Special Attack, and Special Defense. Each ability that you learn is also assigned a specific icon that is attached to one of those categories. Make sure that you are assigning attacks to your Pokemon that coincide with the stat he/she is strongest in.

In other words, don't go around having your Pokemon learn Special Attack moves when he/she is strongest in Attack and Defense. You're only wasting a slot that could be better suited for a stronger move.

3. Use 'Super Training'
Super Training is accessed by scrolling to it on the bottom screen of your 3DS (2DS if you're lame awesome). What this does is allow you to increase the stats of a specific Pokemon without having to level them up. You can only increase your stats up to 510 (with 252 being the limit in a specific stat) so make sure you are increasing the stats that the specific Pokemon your training is strongest in (see #2).

4. Learn about EV's and IV's
I'm not going to write about this here. Instead, go here. I've already written a guide on these. They are confusing at first but crucial if you want to get serious.

Link (again)

Post-game stuff here for sure.

5. Understand Elemental Strengths/Weakness 
Each Pokemon is assigned a specific element. That element will be strong or weak against another one. For example Water is very strong against Fire, but very weak against Grass. Or Fairy is strong against Fighting but weak against Poison.

Pokemon is nothing more than a massive game of chess and it's up to you to figure out your opponent's next move.

Here's a link to an image with the complete breakdown of all strengths/weaknesses.

If you have anything to add please do so below. Thanks!
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