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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mega Stone Locations in #PokemonXY

Mega Evolutions are a big deal. They are the first of its kind and require a lot of work to get. You'll almost always need to beat the game, do Battle Missions, beat your Rivals, talk to Professor Sycamore, and visit specific locations between 8pm and 9pm in order to get them.

Like I said, they are a lot of work.

Totally worth it though. Here's where to find the Mega Stones themselves.

Blazikenite (Blaziken)
Open the main menu and go the Mystery Gift. Now head to the Pokemon Center and speak the front desk to receive it.

Charizardite (Charizard)
This is given to you by Professor Sycamore when you choose Charizard. You can also buy it from the Stone Emporium once you have beaten the game. It will cost you 150,000.

Blastoisenite (Blastoise)
Same as with Charizardite. You can buy it as well but for 500,000.

Venusaurite (Venusaur)
Same as Charizardite and Blastoisenite. Can purchase for 300,000.

Lucarionite (Lucario)
Korrina gives you this Mega Stone once you defeat her at the Tower of Mystery.

Gengarite (Gengar)
Head to Lavarre City and speak to the dark-haired lady there.

Abomasite (Abomadnow)
Save Abomasnow in the Frozen Cavern

Ampharosite (Ampharos)
Head to Azure Bay and speak to the old man on the island. He's easy to find, just head to the island south of the Sea Spirits Den.

Banettite (Banette)
Night only, Post-Game: Inside the Chamber of Emptiness

Aerodactylite (Aerodactyl)
In the Fossil Lab of Ambrette Town you'll find a scientist that gives you this Mega Stone.

Kangaskhanite (Kangaskhan)
Night only, Post-Game: In Ambreat Town head to the Glittering Cave. It's in the alley to your right.

Gyaradosite (Gyarados)
Night only, Post-Game: Couriway Town near the river.

Medicahnite (Medicahm)
Night only: On the floor by the well in Leverre City.

Aggronite (Aggron)
Night only, Y-exclusive: Go into Cyllage Gym, head right, climb the first wall you find. Keep climbing and you'll see the Aggronite on the ground.

Garchompite (Garchomp)
Night only, Post-Game: Head to the end of Victory Road and you'll find a tower with the Mega Stone by it.

Heracronite (Heracross)
Night only, Y-exclusive, Post-Game: Route 2 entrance in Santalune Forest.

Pinsirite (Pinsir)
Night only, X-exclusive, Post-Game: same place as Heracronite, only for Pokemon X.

Scizorite (Scizor)
Night only, Post-Game: In the Frost Cavern

Mawilite (Mawile)
Night only: Second floor of Shabboneau Castle. Use the stairs to the left and it's on the floor here.

Post-Game Only

Absolite (Absol)
Beat your rival in Kiloud City

Gardevite (Gardevoir)
Find Diantha in Cafe Soleil to receive this Mega Stone.

Alakazite (Alakazam)
Go into the Reflecting Cave at night (B3F) and it's on the ground there.

Mewtwonite (Mewtwo)
Head west of the Pokemon Village and enter the cave there. You'll see it.

Houndoominite (Houndoom)
Pokemon Y-exclusive: Route 16 at night.

Manectite (Manectric)
Pokemon X-exclusive: Route 16 at night.

Tyranitarite (Tyranitar)
Pokemon X-exclusive: Cyllage Gym (only at night)

Medichamite (Medicham)
Laverre City

That should be all of them. If you happen to find any more, let me know!
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