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Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: #Madden25 on the #PS4

I'll keep this short and sweet. After all, I wrote a previous review of Madden 25 for the Playstation 3 (last gen's version). If you'd like to read that, click here.

If you wouldn't like to read it, you should know that I gave it an 80/100, writing that "Once again they have fixed an issue seen in last year's iteration while failing to fix the issues in its current form." While they had fixed the dropped interception problem of yesteryear, they tweaked the run blocking far too much. Running for 200+ yards was a literal (figuratively) walk-in-the-park.

So what does the next gen version bring to the table? Actually quite a lot. Including those same issues that always come along with the latest Madden.

One of the best new features is "True Step". By using hundreds of new animations, players move much more realistically around the field. You'll notice that weight and momentum finally come into play. Cuts up the field feel natural and fluid. Coupled with "Player Sense", players move like never before. Running backs use their off arm to bounce off linemen. Wide receivers fight off the line, grinding for every inch of route space.

Quarterbacks actually trip over other players' feet, making precise pocket presence (alliteration aside) that much more important.

Then there's the improved aesthetics. Madden 25 is absolutely gorgeous. While it may not be on the same level as NBA 2k14, it's easily the best looking Madden to date. Stadiums are vivid and alive, players actually look like themselves, and lighting is spot on. That's not to say that everything is photorealistic however, as both the crowd and the coaches are still severely lacking in detail.

Let's be honest here. What really matters in a football game? Is it graphics? No. Is it crowd detail? Absolutely not. Is it whether or not Andy Reid's mustache flows appropriately in the wind? Well... kind of. But what really matters is how the game plays, and Madden 25 for the Playstation 4 plays wonderfully.

The only major issue I have with the game is that the long bomb seems flawed. I play on All-Madden with slight adjustments to game sliders. Long passes don't seem to work, even with notoriously great long pass QB's like Kaepernick. Either you won't throw it long enough, your WR will overrun the pass, or the defender will always jump higher to make the interception. Out of my first 8 attempts I wasn't able to complete a single streak route, which is absurd.

Despite that however Madden 25 is worth the price of admission if you're both a football fan and a Playstation 4 owner. The upgrade in graphics alone are worth it. Watching the face of your defender squint and grimace as you unleash the perfect spin move never gets old.

A copy of Madden 25 for the Playstation 4 was provided to me by EA Sports. All modes including the horrible Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) were played.

Scores are out of 100 and are meant to be taken very seriously.
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