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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Thoughts: 'Battlefield 4' vs. 'Call of Duty: Ghosts'

No, this is not me. Thankfully.
By: Anthony Accinelli

I can't count the amount of times I am asked which game is better every day: Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty: Ghosts. I typically remain quiet, saying something along the lines of "They are completely different games. Built for their own purposes but hardly there to compete with one another."

While I still believe that to be the most politically correct, and all-around "best" answer, it's not necessarily the most honest.

If you really want to know my opinion on which of the two is a better game, follow me through the following paragraphs. I'll do my best to yield you an answer.

Let's start with the similarities: both Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are first-person shooters. Meaning you see through the eyes of your soldier as you romp around the battlefield trying to eliminate your douchebag enemies. You also rank up the more kills you amass and points you score. There are maps to play on, and guns to shoot. You can run, jump, go prone, and teabag at will.

Now the differences: Battlefield 4 can hold up to 64 players, pitted 32 vs. 32 against one another on large-scale, destructible maps. Call of Duty: Ghosts takes place on small, 6 vs. 6 maps to truly test your twitch reflexes. Ghosts, unlike Battlefield 4, allows you to party up with friends before a match and play together. Yes, you read the correctly - Battlefield 4 has no party feature. If you want to play with someone you'll have either be their friend on PS/Xbox/PC or grab the server number. Even then it's all luck that the match won't be full when you want to join.

Ghosts, while it does have a leveling system, doesn't necessarily require such a thing. You have the ability to unlock any gun with any attachment you want from the beginning levels of the game. As you progress through the ranks you unlock Squad Points that you use to purchase these goodies. By level 20 you can have the exact build you want. Battlefield 4 requires you to climb through the ranks, amassing hundreds if not thousands of kills and points before unlocking the next cool Carbine.

It's a much different system. A clone of the gameplay if you will. Ghosts is quick, in-your-face action, always ready to soothe the instant gratification need in us all. Battlefield 4 is a slow grind. Like the gameplay itself you'll have to put in some work to get the build you truly want. Battlefield 4 matches can last a few hours while Ghosts matches last minutes.

While we are on the topic of matches, it's important to note that Battlefield 4 has vehicles, while Ghosts doesn't. If you're a vehicle whore, you know the person who rolls in the Banshee on Halo, then Battlefield 4 will most likely feel more at home for you. Gun play is very different as well with bullet drop being a sniping factor and roughly 37 bullets required to kill an enemy with an assault rifle. Ghosts isn't like that. Again, it's quick. Two or three bullets will eliminate your foe. There are no vehicles as the maps are so much smaller. Spawn, sprint, shoot or stab, live or die, and start over. All within 30 seconds of one another.

Ghosts matches are much, much faster.

When it comes to the maps neither game has all that much to boast about. Sure Battlefield 4 has destructible environments, but they are mediocre at best. A dam can collapse and flood the map. A skyscraper can fall and change a section of the map. Walls explode in front of you, eliminating what once was cover from the oncoming tank. Sure it's fantastic at times, leaving you screaming as you run for the next cover, but again it's nothing outstanding.

Which is bad news for Ghosts as Battlefield 4 certainly has the better maps. Ghosts maps are shallow, uninspired, and infuriating at times. Spawn points are terrible and lead to choke points more often than not. Don't believe me? Play a round of Blitz where your team gains a quick lead. You'll be spawn-killed quicker than you can hit the respawn button in an attempt to thwart your imminent victory. How this hasn't been fixed in a Call of Duty game borders on absurd at this point.

Yet it's still there and it's very obvious.

Graphically Battlefield 4 takes the cake. You'll see skyscrapers crashing to the ground, building walls explode, storms crush through the landscape, and much more. The explosion graphics and physics are far superior to anything seen in Ghosts. If you own a PS4/Xbox One and want to see true "next-gen" graphics pick up Battlefield 4. It looks incredible.

So which game is better - Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty: Ghosts? The answer would be very simple if Battlefield 4 wasn't a broken mess. With '0' health glitches, bullet hits not registering, and the inability to party up with friends it's hard to recommend this as a purchase. Sure Ghosts is the worst Call of Duty game to date, but at least it works when you turn it on. You can hop online with a ton of friends and play for hours, never having to rejoin or pray that a spot is open. This is something you can't do with Battlefield 4, which is odd considering how much teamwork is required to win a match.

I still don't know how to answer this question but I told you I would. At this point in time, Wednesday, January 29th, 2014, the better game is Call of Duty: Ghosts in my opinion. Should it be this way? Absolutely not. Battlefield 4 is a larger than life version of Ghosts, but it fails at so many rudimentary objectives. Once the game is patched - no, scratch that - if the game is patched to perfection, Battlefield 4 will easily wear the crown.

Until that day however, Ghosts is the better first-person shooter. Especially if you have any friends at all who would like to play.

There, I said it. You happy?
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