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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rockstar Removes Counterfeit Money, My Thoughts

By: Anthony Accinelli

It finally happened. Rockstar shut the Grand Theft Auto Online servers down overnight for "scheduled maintenance", leaving exploit-happy GTA'ers shaking in their size 9 shoes (because they're kids, get it?). What was Rockstar doing exactly? Adding heists? Fixing performance issues? Taking away our illegal hard-earned money?

The latter folks. All the way.

Sorry bub but your cheating cash is gone. And you know what? You're lucky Rockstar stopped there.

They could have - and should have - done a lot more. Technically speaking, everything purchased following money exploits wasn't acquired through the appropriate measures. Your chrome Adders and Titans should have been removed from your garages. Same with that Penthouse and that slick suit you're sporting.

It should all be gone. You deserve none of it. And let's be honest with each other here... you have no argument otherwise. You broke the game. You exploited glitches. Then, as if that's not enough, you went around from server to server gifting the money to innocent players (like myself) who wanted nothing to do with it.

What has happened to Grand Theft Auto Online since its release has been sloppy, unregulated, and disorganized at best. This does not mean however that players should feel entitled to keep the money that was earned illegally. You have no ground to stand on this argument and should be thanking Rockstar for not doing more.

I know I would have. I would have erased your player and had you start over like a good little gamer. Earn your way to the top by punching hookers and selling stolen cars. Not hacking the game with DNS exploits and all your fancy tech tricks. When you put your hand in the food bowl of a hungry dog you're going to get bitten.

Rockstar is the dog in this scenario, and it's about time you understood that.

Great job Rockstar. Here's to hoping you keep cracking down.
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