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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just the Tip(s): 'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy'

'Just the Tip(s)' is a brief guide to quickly get you off your ass and onto those adorable little feet of yours. This is by no means an in-depth walkthrough or a leveling guide. It's sole purpose is to give you five or so of what I believe to be critical tips if you want to survive.

And yes I say 'survive' in the most serious of tones. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy is a hard game. A very, very hard game.

1. You Have to Complete Side Quests in Order to Level Up
Lightning doesn't level up in this game unless you complete side quests. Grinding out battles isn't going to make you strong enough to conquer the major bosses. Battles only reward you with abilities and more EP (MP in every other game) so again, make sure you collect side quests and complete them.

2. Chaos Clouds are Cash Cows
Earning cash in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy isn't easily done. There's just not a lot of opportunities. So if you see a Chaos Cloud loafing around, head into it immediately. Once inside you'll notice a bunch of shiny purple... things lying around. Collect them to sell for a major profit.

3. Take the Train from Luxerion to All Four Major Zones as Soon as You Can. 

This allows you to fast travel in between them as you please, giving you a much larger set of side quests to choose from. It also lets you choose which path to take through the game. I've listed mine below (#5).

4. Understand the Combat System
The ATB gauge and EP gauge are the ones you need to pay the most attention to. Your ATB gauge determines how many actions you can perform while your EP gauge dictates super powers. Don't use all your ATB at once. Make sure you have at least one of your schematas ready or building up to be ready. As for EP, spend the hell out of it. Especially in large boss battles.

You're also going to want to 'Stagger' enemies - something that Final Fantasy XIII veterans should have no problem understanding. Get them into 'Stagger' by attacking their weaknesses until the heart-rate monitor above them is red, then whack 'em. This is huge in that it will severely weaken them. Purchase the 'Cheat Sheets' from any merchant to unlock the weaknesses for each enemy.

5. Defeat the Game in this Order
Complete Luxerion until its final boss then travel to Yusnaan. Defeat everything there. Next, head to the Wildlands and complete all side quests, but not the boss. It's too much for you to handle at this point. Fast travel back to Luxerion and kill the boss as you should easily be strong enough at this point. Next is the Dead Dunes, where you should be able to complete everything. Finally, that bitch of a Wildlands boss from before is asking to be stomped in the face. Head back there and show it who's boss. Prepare yourself for battle.

That's really all I have for now. I'll update this if necessary, though a larger guide is in the works. If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments section below!

Happy Hunting!
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