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Thursday, March 27, 2014

2 Minute Drill: Oculus Backers Want Their Money Back

Oculus Kickstarter supporters are angry at Oculus for selling out to Facebook. Not only have they
decided that it's going to ruin the reputation of the company, but that for some odd reason they
should have their money refunded to them.

Because, you know, f*** logic.

As my great friend and colleague Marc 'The Carc' would say, 'Listen' - Oculus doesn't owe you anything. That's the beauty of Kickstarter. You ask for donations to help start a project and if it's successful, congratulations! You now have investors that you never have to talk to again.

Only in this case, Oculus is still talking to them all, trying to do the right thing and grow the brand that you originally backed, and is still getting punched in the dick. Unreal.

Kickstarter backers are nothing more than a group of individuals willing to spend a little bit of money to help a cause that they believe is worth it. They don't own any shares in the
company. They aren't percentage owners.

They don't have a say in how the company moves forward in the future.

I suppose the point of this two-minute drill is simple: stop being entitled and learn your place. Oculus did a very, very good thing with this recent acquisition. Every backer should be happy with what has happened. We (yes, I am one of the original backers) somehow managed to fund this project into something so much larger than ever expected. Oculus is no longer a small Kickstarter project looking for money. There are now 2 billion reasons why it can compete with the big boys, and it's all because of how much pride and belief we had in the company.

So do us all a favor and shut the hell up. I am very excited for the future of Oculus and you should be also. This is a huge step in the right direction and one that should solidify Oculus VR as a strong contender for years to come.

This is Anthony Accinelli of Enjoy the rest of your day!
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